Stolen Trainers!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by STAB2ARABConverter, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. I go for Phase 1 on monday and, after getting ready for a quick run today i find someone has stolen my goddamn trainers :x What the fack do i do now? Really dont want to be splashing out on another pair of unbroken trainers a day before Phase 1! Arrrrgh life is a motherfcuker :evil:

    Any way of speed-breaking trainers?????

    Anyone want to lend me some money?????
  2. Lend you money? I thought you didn't want new trainers?? Knob.

    You get issued 2 pairs anyway..
  3. Well obviously i didnt actually want someone on the site to actually give me money either you thick t0sser. Im sure it'll look real good rocking up without my own trainers. For my own peace of mind, how long have you been walking upright you fetid cnut?
  4. OOOhh check out Night trained, Internet warrior !

    You could send him a pair of yours... mind you he wants his broken in and by the sound of your appallingly low fitness standards yours are probably still in the box.
  5. Unsurprising, anyone who enjoys listening to Guns n Roses has a testosterone defficiency.
  6. Can you imagine what it's going to be like if that fetid cnut has stripes and works in Pirbright you poor excuse for a stain on your mummy's bedsheet!

    Please come back and tell us what it was like getting the shi't kicked out of you by all and sundry inc the split arrse you grade A knobjockey!

    Stolen Trainers my arrse, you just haven't had to tidy up after yourself since conception and mumsy doesn't know where her little didums has thrown them (apart from obviously out of your pram)!
  7. Ahhh, a well thought out post, congratulations, what was it i'd done to offend you again?? Mommys on holiday anyway so she wouldnt know where i put them. You also imply that i'll have to clean up after myself at Phase 1?? Gods! Thank god i didnt spend the last 19 years of my life as a chav and can look after myself... if not my damn trainers.

    Its not didums either, its berty boster, thank you very much. They call my brother didums.
  8. Well, at least you've got a sense of humour, it should stand you in good sted when they're taking you to the guardroom for being a gobby little cnut :wink:
  9. :D Actually, father beats me into submission most of the time so i dont answer people back, i know that if i do "daddies veiny baton of discipline" will show me how to behave.

    But seriously, why would you want to steal someones trainers??
  10. That's why you've misplaced them and they aren't stolen :lol:
  11. :lol:

    I was told to pack up my room 2 weeks ago so the only things i have out are my bed, my laptop, my KY jelly and... up until now, my trainers. Leaving them on the fronwas probably not a good idea...

    Now daddy is going to hurt me even more, i cant wait till monday so the beatings stop....... 8O

    Speaking of physical pain, how does one obtain a face of a ping pong ball?
  12. Listen mate if you are really going into phase 1 training and not just spinning a tale here youd better know your place and button it. After 19 years of experience in the forces and on the recruiting side of life as well, and son in basic at pesent youll be a target from day one. The last thing you want to do is go in with this cocky attitude because it will not wash with you instructors and the other lads in your section. You are at the bottom of the pile from Monday and the bigger and cleverer you are the worst youll get it. Have respect for people above you and youll earn respect back. This is free advice, Im sure you can come back with some little quip now.
  13. Not at all, i hear what your saying, i have always been respectful to people on this site and more importantly in person. I dont equate a little bit of slanging on an internet site to my actual persona, no doubt little i say will sway your judgement but thats okay, i know not to jeapordise my chances of passing out by being the section smart arse, i am also fully aware that with thousands of other recruits passing through the system i am not special.
  14. Dunno about now, but you'll be issued trainers and they will be the ones that you will only be aloud to wear. So dont worry about it
  15. Cheers mate, presumably they only specify that you need to bring trainers because your not issued the standard ones straight away? If so, new trainers wont matter so much, phew!