Stolen Regimental Silver? Advice needed...

I have been alerted to this and am not sure what is best to do about it.

Green Howards goblet

This certainly looks suspicious. Most of the Bn are still away so I cannot contact silver member/ adjt etc.

Do I get in touch with person selling the item and ask where they got it from? Am I better of waiting for the Bn to come back and then following up?

Am not sure how best to proceed but I hate the thought of people making a profit from Regimental silver.

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It may have been a presentation goblet or a lost peice.
i know that a lot of old units have lost silver over the years for a number of reasons.

best thou to contact your silver officer of RHQ. If it is not stolen, maybe RHQ could buy it
Is it possible it may simply have been sold off?

My old regiment The Queen's Regiment did this twice by sealed bid auctions - once in the early 80's and again in the early 90's before amalgamation with the Hamsters to form The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.
As someone who once spent two years looking after Regt Silver for the Glosters/RGBW; i can tell you that there is loads of this stuff knocking about. Most of it NOT stolen.

This item might well be a presentation item, given back to the family after the death of the giver. It might just be a lost bit of Regt silver.

would be good for RHQ to know about it either way.
I've emailed RHQ and the BN. Even if it isn't stolen then it may be a piece that they may want to bring back into the fold.

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