Stolen Recovered Sat Nav. A scam or not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. A friend of mine has just emailed a circular to me and other friends as follows:

    Now I asked her whether she had checked whether it actually was the police for definite but haven't heard back from her yet.

    Something about it made me immediately suspicious. For a start, most routes on it would point to the owner's address I would think.

    Anyone heard of a scam working on these lines? Could someone be setting her up in some way? It just struck me as a little odd. Consider also that she was burgled not so long ago.

    She's in West Yorkshire in case that rings a bell with similar cases.

  2. IIRC, the scam goes like this. Most sat-navs have a 'Go home' option where the owner has set their home location on it. Villains steal the sat nav, and use this scam to ensure the owner has gone to pick up the sat nav from a suitably far away police station. Thieves now know the property is empty and proceed to remove TV, stereo etc!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I expect the next call will be 'Please can you confirm your address?', followed by 'Please come and get your satnav at 1400, next Wednesday at this nick', coincidentally, exactly the same time as her house gets burgled.

    Also well worth putting a nearby juntion into your satnav as the 'home' destination, to prevent anyone nicking your satnav and driving to your house knowing you are in town trying to fix a broken window and report a stolen satnav.

  4. Stinks of some kind of scam but to be sure all she needs to do is arrange a time to visit the Police station to see them in person.

    If Police they should agree and, well the rest is obvious.

    I personally think she is well to question this as I would immediately as well!

    Edited to add;

    MSR point is well valid so require someone to be in house if she was to actually go.
  5. Get the phone number from phonebook/directory enquiries etc for whatever police station it is and give them a call to confirm if it is real or not
  6. Why not agree to go to the copshop, and wait at home with a baseball bat. Give them a good hiding!
  7. Call the police. I'm sure they'd be happy to wait for someone to pay a visit to your house while you were meant to be out. Or call some friends and go with PA's plan.
  8. If it was me I'd reel them in but it's not, it's a friend some way off who is sometimes too trusting for her own good.

    I've advised her to take all the sensible steps as suggested by others here too but am interested to know if there is actual history of this.

    Thanks to all.
  9. Ok my final input would be simply ask which Police station, also ask the name of the officer she is peaking to plus his badge number. Hang up. Call Police station and ask for the copper, does he exist?

    Or just completely ignore it as its not her SATNAV and it has all the trademarks of a scam.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Doesn't this plan fall apart the minute the supposed thieves attempt it on somebody who doesn't live alone and happens to have significant other at home when they turn up?
  12. Its either a scam where you can give the miscreants a good hiding with a bat when they turn up or its the police who you can give a good hiding to when they turn up. Seems like a win ,win opps lose situation to me
  13. Ask them to post it with a signature on receipt

    Failing that give the address of a local Police station where you can collect it from a day or 2 later
  14. I am not a serving police officer.

    However, If a satnav was recovered, and I'm sure many are - it will be booked in as either found property (ie handed in) or as criminal property (during an investigation).

    I doubt anyone would interrogate the satnav to try and establish the owner.

    A search maybe done against srl no. and items reported lost/stolen.

    I may do the police a dis-service, but I very much doubt an officer would make a call as the friend reports - treat with caution and the advice above ref contact no.s etc is sound if she decides to pursue it.
  15. and in an astonishing development: