Stolen recovered motorbike - ground off chassis number

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CC_TA, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Mate has had a bike returned to him by the police after a theft recovery.

    The chassis number has been partially ground off and has had an attempted re-stamp.

    How does he go about getting it re-registered? (DVLA inspection then a new chassis number stamped on?)

    Who are the best people to contact?

    Cheers in advance motorgeeks!
  2. Best bet would be to write to DVLA/VOSA and get a formal written response. I have heard of cases where people have acted on telephone advice from DVLA and ended up significantly out of pocket later.
  3. Might end up on a Q plate and need an engineers inspection
  4. im pretty sure he can take it for inspection at the dvla when re-registering and they will do the stamping for him.

    i had to get my ktm enduro bike registerd and it was a pain in the hoop but i would imagine the fact your muckers bike has been on the road previously it should be simple enough.
  5. Cheers peoples - will pass it on!
  6. Please DO NOT take this as an authoritative answer but, as it was stolen recovered, does it not already have a correctly registered number? Simply re-stamp it with the correct number (from your docs).
  7. Sounds good to me , he also needs to keep the paperwork from the rozzers to prove its a stolen / rec or when he sells it the buyer may think its a ringer having wonky numbers on the headstock!
  8. Was there a large time frame between it being stolen and it being returned? Why was it de-registered?

    Im just thinking he probably doesnt have to do anything, why go to the expense of telling someone the number hasnt changed?

    Am I missing the point?