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Stolen Military Cross

Something is bothering me about this: http://www.staffordshire.police.uk/news/latest_appeals/081110_xa_military_cross

I rang Staffs police and told them that I suspected that it was a Military Medal Stolen, as MCs weren't awarded to NCOs until much later (1993?). I saw it reported as an MC on the BBC as well - fair enough, probably just an administrative error....

I left my details with the person at Staffs that I spoke to and left it at that. They didn't ring back (not that I expect a phonecall) but they havn't changed the appeal either (24 hours later).

After being pointed out here http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=2247247.html#2247247 that a person that has, apparently, the same details was actually killed in 1916 (no MC or MM mentioned) I decided to have a look at the gazette..... and I can't find an MC or MM awarded to anyone by that name throughout WW1. However, I certainly doubt my search-engine capabilities... so obviously I could be being needlessly suspicious.... But can anyone shed any more light?
Seen. Thank you. I always find the gazette's search engine difficult for some reason..... all cleared up in my mind now - Hopefully they catch the people that did this...
Just had a look at the other thread, the man listed in the CWGC database is a different William Houghton. Service numbers are different and there are 2 medal index cards confirming they are different men.
The BBC's site now states Military Medal rather than Military Cross, so I guess it's just sloppy reporting, you see it all the time!

Trying to look up awards in both the Gazette & the Times Archive can be a nightmare. I can remember having a Great War MC in front of me, with notification of it's award AND a cutting from the times giving the citation. I never fount it in the Gazette and only found it in the Times by putting in the names of other people cited for awards at the same time.
bensonby said:
again, thanks... where can you find the medal cards? - National Archives?
Yes, you can search for free and download them for £2.00. You are actually downloading the microfiche so you actually get 6 cards per download. The only thing is that you only download the front of the card, which for most people's purposes is sufficient. Ancestry (ancestry.co.uk) has also scanned the cards individually - both sides. Quite often the reverse is blank, but sometimes there's additional information that's of interest to researchers. I believe during the month of November that Ancestry is offering free search and downloads as a promotion.

Link to NA MIC search:
JohnSmith said:
The BBC's site now states Military Medal rather than Military Cross, so I guess it's just sloppy reporting, you see it all the time!
quite, the fact that they are still showing a picture of the wrong medal (a DCM) just evidences this further....

I explained to the chappy from Staff police on the phone that they have asked dealers to be on the lookout for dodgy MC when in fact its an MM they probably need to keep a lookout for.... meaning that the real stolen medal is more likely to slip through the net.

Hopefully I got to them in time and my modest contribution will help in recovering it! (I'd like to think so at least :wink: )

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