Stolen - Mess kit, boots, No2 Dress a

Some twat has nicked my Mess kit, a pair of boots, my No2 dress and some of my hats.  If you're offered any of these items for will tell me won't you?
Ma, I wonder if Gunny knows where it might be - seems he likes dressing up! ::)
why, did any frocks go missing?
I'm confussed about my sexuality,  
No confusion mate, you are clearly at the pavillion end, about to bat ;D

When you saw mess dress, you immediatley thought, dress covered in man mess, not the case, sorry ;D
Renovatio said:
For sale:

Mess kit, a pair of boots, No2 dress and some hats offer secures :roll:
Not been worn for the last three years, I'll wager...

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