Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JimsBoyAllGrownUp, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I would like to thank the person that was unscrupulous enough to steal my medals from the QMs desk after having them mounted for me. Now I know that some of you reading this may think I am whining about a set of medals that are easily replaced but after having a period of time to think about this and every time I read the word REPLACEMENT next to my number, rank and name it really grips me....and here's why:

    The medals (7) were issued to me for varuious Op tours , LS&GC etc that I have completed over the last 23 years (I'm still serving). The medals represented not only the tour I was on but also the knowledge that colleagues or even soldiers unknown to me had been injured, maimed or killed, so actually they meant a lot to me.

    If you know anyone that may have stolen them or if the person reading this is the guilty subject and would like to give me information (anonymous if necessary) then please place an answer on this string and restore my faith in good human nature. They were stolen from a well known Medical Training Establishment.

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Mate, maybe some indication of Unit might help, OPSEC permitting of course.

    Others will probably point you in the right direction as I'm not sure of the details but there is an organisation/old boys network within the medal collectors community who once informed of the details will look out for them if they come onto the market.

    I know the feeling mate, one of my exes threw mine on a fire, bitch. Never bothered to replace them but did get my own back. :twisted:
  3. Yeah, it would be helpful if you could give more of an idea of the well known medical trg establishment; there's a few around the country.
  4. BUMP - should be kept alive. Best of luck to you my brother.
  5. Some ****** stole mine in Bordon, the RMPs weren't interested. I had to pay to get the GSM NI replaced, and now it has "replacement" on it also. The other were easily replaced, as they are 10 a penny, and the clerk had a few in her desk. Still fucks me off though. I'd love to know where they went. I still google my reg number everynowandagain incase they turn up
  6. The location of the unit is Medical Training establishment in Strensall.....don't want to name it particularly. I felt really sorry for the QM who was retiring the following week after 30 odd years of service. He felt responsible but it wasn't his fault.
  7. Have you informed the RMP? I believe from the threads I've read about Walt stuff ref kit and medals on eBay that the RMP keep an eye on that sort of thing. Sorry I can't be specific, but on one of the threads I think that someone mentions a genuine medal dealer who you might also like to give the heads-up, in case he sees them.

    Sorry to hear that after all those years and service that some scrote has done this to you...
  8. As a memeber of the AMS community I am apalled at this. C'mon guys it was either one of our own or a civvie either way someone must know something fess up. Theft from our own is WRONG !
  9. It's an evil thing to do, and I hope you get them back. A bonus would be finding the little scrote who did it, and then giving his fingers what for in the locker door!

    Sadly you're not alone, some fcukers do it in bulk - scroll to the bottom of this links page - astounding!
  10. The RMPs were informed and a report filed. The crime number was the authority for the replacements through the medal office. Having spoken to the Medal Office direct I asked about the person employed to trawl e-bay and the like for stolen medals. They informed me that they didn't have anyone specifically employed to look for them and neither do the RMPs.
  11. I can't help except to wish you all the best mate. I hope they get the scrote and you get them back. Good luck.
  12. Good luck mate, Hope you get them back asap
  13. Ah OK - I guess that's why it's called the ARmy Rumour SErvice then! :D Nevertheless, I hope Lady Luck smiles on you and you get them back.
  14. Good luck in getting them back and hopefully finding the thief. If you want to pm me with a few more details I will quite happily trawl ebay and other auction sites for you. Or if you don't want to do that perhaps a rank might help us narrow the field. Maybe if we all take a good long hard look at people selling medals on ebay we might find yours and others.
  15. Thanks for the offer HaloMonkey. It's good to see that there are people out there that care. I google and check e-bay regularly myself but no luck.