Stolen Medals - Please can members keep an eye out for them.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by baldrick399, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Between 26/12/2012 and 28/12/2012 a quantity of Second World War Medals were stolen in a Burglary in Sheffield.
    These were:
    1939 -45 War Star
    Burma Star
    Defence Medal
    1939 - 45 War medal
    Unfortunately like so many the weren't engraved with the soldiers details.
    They are loose or swing mounted (depending on who you speak to)
    The victim is 90 years old and a former member of the Royal Signals.
    The Police have made an appeal for information via local media, Royal Signals association and the various Facebook pages for the Royal Signals.
    Crime Reference K/122061/2012
    South Yorkshire Police
    Officer in Case - PC 412 ARDRON
    Any information via Crimestoppers or contacting the officer on 0114 220 20 20 extension 71 3437 OR 71 3445.

    The officer in case is also a Former member of the Corps and is making arrangements for replacements for free from the MOD should the originals not be recovered. The usual outlets have been notified as have the medal dealing communities via Cultman collectables, Worcestershire Medals and Militaria in Doncaster.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post
  2. Sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I hope the medals turn up or at least he can get some replacements from the MOD at no cost to himself.
    Not that it matters, but it is my understanding that none of the World War II decorations were engraved with the serviceman's details unlike the practice in the Great War.
  3. I've put it on my FB page. Apparently people take notice of me.
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  4. The rotten bastards - I do hope you manage to get them back for him.