Stolen Goods

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. What the hell is this doing on ebay....?

    662 ought to investigate

    Must be stolen
  2. Nice one. :roll:
  3. Looks like it's still hanging in their bar. Is this guy stealing to order?
  4. I remember seeing that on the corridor wall outside the SSM's office at Soest.

    Next to the black & white picture of the Gazelle flying over Ulster taken from another floppy that was flying above it.

    Apparently it dissapeared during the move to Watasham. Good job I have an exact copy of it hanging on my living room wall. :D
  5. Aunty Stella, Does that mean you have the same plaque along with inscription (spooky) or does it imply that you may have found completely by accident the picture of the floppy on your wall?
  6. Nope, don't have the plaque (really, I don't!) and found the picture totally by accident around 1992.
  7. You might want to ask Qman about this..........

    Oh yeah, and his Daf
  8. Reminds me of the time one of our lads did an exchange on HMS Brazen. Staggering around the boat after an evening in the mess, matelot offered him a ship's plaque.
    Great, he thinks, a memento of my visit.
    Matelot reappears shortly, hands him a plaque with 'Best Wishes From Frigate Emden, Federal German Navy' on it.
  9. Have a butchers at this then....

    Ebay again

    name familiar??????
  10. Strange......... Does anyone know this McHale? I'm wondering whether or not his medals were lost/stolen/misplaced, and now they're on eBay. Might be worth one of the serving lads to get this passed onto APC or medal office.
  11. Gunny, the person whom bought the item above also bought this!

    Ebay item number 2

    Now that is odd.
  12. deleted.
  13. Name/|No/Rank from the e-bay page, so I'm sure it would be OK to paste details, save y'all linking. (I'm sure mods will adjust if required.)

    LSGC 24414922 SGT J A MCHALE AAC

    Know the surname, which would match with the initials and probably the number would date him to be the one I know. If anyone is still in contact with him, probably out now, I suggest you ask if his medals have been stolen.

    I had my GSM stolen from my car when down for a Coyote Dinner at Wattisham in 95. (Parked at Rendelsham Forest, TGBs camped nearby!)
    Reported it all to local Police.

    6 months later, just when you give up hope of it being returned, would you believe in the post at home, civi address, was the GSM. No note/explaination anything.

    I can only assume that the medal was sold somewhere down the line to a respectable collector who in turn checked up on the details and discovered it was stolen. The police then sent it on. It would have been nice to have had a note of explaination.

    Some interesting comments on the description;

    "RARE TO SEE A LSGC TO THE AAC" I know there are some bad 'uns around, but!!!!

    THIS IS A RARE PAIR I WOULD SAY RARER THAN A ROYAL MARINE AND ALSO PARATROOPER PAIRS! NO RESEARCH WITH IT, BUT WOULD GUESS HE SERVED 1970S/80S? I wouldn't say a 'rare pair', but by this description it doesnt appear to be 'J' selling them!

    But most of all;
    SOLD FOR: £500.00 Blimey, which draw are my medals in!!!!! :wink: