Stolen Falklands Plaque

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by blind662, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Need the help of every one here on ARRSE to find the rightful owner/place of the plaque
    The story is I'm in Plymouth and it was given to an exRAOC mate of mine
    by a mate of his ,as it was found on a local tip , I know this sounds a bit dodgy but knowing the two blokes involved they would NOT deface a war memorial and just want it returned
    Any help at all would be fantastic

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  2. Excellent it fell into the right hands eventually. Sorry mate, don't mean to advise sucking eggs but it would be useful to have some kind of scale (gerber, ruler, plant machine(?) - ya get the idea) to give an idea of!
    Might be good to post on RUM RATION, someone's bound to recognise it.
  3. War graves commision?


    Both organisations may be able to help.

    Like wise, it may have come from the Islands themselves, so the islands may know where it came from.

    It looks pretty specialised to the Maritime forces, so a quick phone/picture to the Royal Navy, Marines, Auxileries and Merchant Navy may find it's home.

    It may be sh1t to mention it, but it could even be "justified" rubbish, in that the original place may have been closed. The plaque should be moved to a place of alternative honour, but sometimes these things slip through the net.

    Any other distingushinging features that may not come out in the picture?
  4. Where abouts in UK was it found?It might help to know.
  5. Plymouth?

    Try Devonport... it may have come off a ship during refit or decommisioning? Could even be from the Base itself.

    Questions will be asked in the morning at work. Someone may recognise it.
  6. Fair one Staaken its 13"/331mm across the top by 9.5"/242mm across the bottom and 10"/254mm from top to bottom
    Also just posted a link over to this page on RumRation :)
  7. It was found at chelson meadow local tip in Plymouth
  8. Alright mate? I saw your post over on Rum Ration. I was pretty sure I recognised this plaque and now I am convinced. This is from the Falklands Memorial on Plymouth Hoe. Have a look here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. I would suggest you contact Plymouth City Council in the first instance.

    Disrespectful, thieving bastard Janner scrotes!
  9. Interesting - it also seems to have been cut down to remove the drill/fixture holes in each corner!
  10. well done 662 let us know the outcome mate.
    Have to agree with Harry off Hermes. litle barstewards want keelhauling
  11. It hasnt been cut down, the fixing points are four bolts welded onto the back ,it looks like it had been gripfiled to the stonework though

    edit now ive checked out the link it looks very similar but not convinced its that one ,ive got a chance on thursday to run around a few places and have a check
    but thanks for all of your help so far lads :D :D :wink:
  12. I'm just wondering whether it's been replaced by a new one, it being the 25th Anniversary.

    If it is, the old one should've been destroyed rather than dumped.
  13. Yeah, anything but dumped. Respect for our fallen, Not any more.
  14. Looking closely at it I would say that it is definately not the same plaque. Just justification of the badges at the top are different.

  15. Cheers Blind 662, it seems there was nothing sinister after all, however your very best intentions are very warmly welcomed over on Rum Ration.

    A very big thank you from me & I'm sure most of our members that have the intelligence, would thank you also. (OK that makes at least 3 of us!)

    Taken from Aberdeen Lad's post on Rum Ration:

    Text from the following link.

    Falklands War Memorial, Plymouth Devon

    The memorial on Plymouth Hoe is the only public monument in the area which lists the names of all the maritime personnel who died in the South Atlantic Falklands War in 1982. But the original workmanship proved unable to withstand the harsh West Country winters and the old engraved plates needed to be removed and replaced.

    War Memorials Trust gave £150.00 towards the cost of producing new plates, engraving them to a greater depth than the originals and then applying an enamelling process to the lettering and graphics.

    The thread from RR:

    Rum Ration

    Thanks guys- Respect.