Stolen equipment

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pharscape81, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Someone I know joined the army and whilst on patrol or guard (not sure what its called) he had his issued equipment stolen from his locker. Does he have to pay for the new equipment or should the CO just find out who did it?
  2. BTW hes already had to pay for the new equipment (really should have included that)
  3. Hmmm did that " someone " fail to lock said locker ?
    I'm sure your CO will call everyone into the drawing room and extract a confession ala Poirot. :)

  4. Report it to the RMP or the MDP whoever he or she has in the camp for insurance reasons. without the crime number then no claim!
    Also when you find the theiving little t**ser break his or her fingers so that they wont do it again!

  5. It's going to be a rather crowded drawing room if the whole company is going to be there.

    Is your mate's CO a small effeminate Belgian?
  6. He did tell his superiors and they said they were going to do nothing about it, so he had to buy the equipment himself (about £700 worth I think). Anyway even if he didnt have his locker locked its no justification for stealing
  7. First thing he should of done was get a crime Number from RMP as he needs this for any board of enquiry of insurance claim. Secondly the whole thing should only cost him £50 maximum as every squaddie are told to get kit insurance during basic training, if this was personnel kit and he did as he was told then he's only £50 down.

    If he item is an expensive item the board of enquiry would normally make you pay back a minimal % I believe around 20% of the full cost which once again can come off your insurance.

    lastly anyone caught stealing should have there finger nails yanked out with pliers and hands trapped in the door. :x

  9. I'll tell him about informing the RMP, however its probably too late for that now. I don't know about the insurance thing but I'll ask him.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Get your mate to report it straight away for a munber of reasons:
    He is £700 out of pocket unless he is well off that is a dent in his bank balance he probably can't afford.
    His superiors will have to do something about it
    The scroat who has nicked his gear will carry on nicking maybe targeting your oppo again if he thinks he is going to get away with it everytime
    Once they do catch the scroat if nobody has reported anything then he will get away with it "first offence sir honest"

    Hate fukcing theives :x
  11. I can't believe his chain of command said that. Do you mean that he got billed for the kit and the CoC told him to pay up?
  12. The response of his superiors was basically 'well we didnt steal it'.
    And yeah he was £700 out of pocket
  13. Tell your mate to go to the RMP ( He doe'snt need to go through his unit ) and report it. They will still isue a crime report number then he can forward that to his insurers.
  14. I wondered why he hadnt already done that and i think he worries about the repurcussions of it, as in what the lads will think of him afterwards, like hes a grass or something