Stoke Imam guilty of sexually abusing boys

Stoke Imam guilty of sexually abusing boys: BBC News - Stoke-on-Trent imam guilty of sexually abusing boys

Strangely, for a Muslim cleric, he's not calling for Sharia law to be implemented in his sentencing. Now this is one instance where I would support a bit of Sharia. A pile of stones would be much cheaper for the British tax payer than keeping the evil bugger (and I mean that literally) banged up for yearswhile he claims legal aid for endless appeals.
Blimey, would you believe it, a man of religion abusing kids?

Whatever next?
I don't know they try and integrate and make sure they follow along where the older church leads and you are still not happy..
Well that's his career buggered then.
Give him his due, he's just ensuring that the kids in his charge get the sort of upbringing his culture recognises as quite normal.
On second thoughts, molested kids often have violent or suicidal tendencies later in life. He's a one man Al Quaida recruiting drive.
Deleted for the pure boringness that it was.
Thought that the Arabs liked boys anyway for a bit o' fun. :? (Or was my copy of 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" wrong on that account?)

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