Stockholm, Sweden

Discussion in 'Travel' started by RearWords, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. I'm visiting Stockholm, Sweden for a few days and wondered if any ARRSErs who had visited this city had any up to date recommendations of good restaurants to eat at. Also compiling a list of places to sightsee so any thoughts on what is worth seeing or a disappointment. Any tips that might help a first-time visitor to this city make the trip more worthwhile would be appreciated.
  2. Don't come back.
  3. A disappointment might be you looking at yourself in a Swedish mirror. Besides that, stop bragging that you are "leaving the Island" for greener grassed abodes.

    Yülcim Ciffji does a cracking Doner Kepap on the Bahnhoef Stockholm

    Hope this helps

  4. Is that euthanasia clinic in Sweden?
  5. Switzerland.

    Edit: Why not also try the Kungliga slottet? It's their version of Buckingham Palace. I've wanted to see it myself for a while.
  6. When they see it's face they might send it there.
  7. Call this 'bragging' Aleegee. It's just a mini break. As for the doner kebab - not really interested in tasting Turkish influenced dishes. Although I believe Turkish restaurants are hugely popular there. I want rollmop herrings, smorgasbord and meatballs.

    ShDrMa: Stockholm Palace - yes on my list, looks spectacular. Aswell as Gamla Stan.
  8. I'm glad SAGA are doing you a trip out. Pensioners do deserve a treat, pack plenty of rennies.
  9. Jarrod: If I didn't come back whom would you have to bitch about... Think you'd miss me.
  10. You might have a point but I'd never admit it.
  11. I was just signing orf, no time for a 10 minute argument.

    funny that you, LB, MrRandom, and AMMM have nt been on lately,...........ehm, Black Bag the faithful Border-Bin-liner must investigate.

    Edit: Sorry, missed that, I bet (in Italics) you want meatballs
  12. And Trans_sane.
  13. Ehhhh you've got sock puppets on the brain. Don't bother hacking my phone you won't find references to the above.
  14. Roll Mops and Meat Balls are available in IKEA, the bar bill in Sweden will kill you.
  15. Sorry for this serious reply ..... The "Wasa" ship is amazing. Its a 17 centrury (if I remember correctly) warship (so 100% wood) that sank on its maiden voyage. However, it has now been restored and is on view in its museum.

    Fascinating - the sheer size of it.