Stock up on your Sun Cream

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Did SDSR get it wrong then?
  2. As we seem to be rolling back the clock, one can hope we will be rolling back the rifle calibre too
  3. Every year the MoD "considers" the possibility of scrapping the Red Arrows.

    Every year this "may" come about.

    Don't you just love how a professional journalist is able to stock up the fires of outrage!
  4. They'll be dusting off them SLRs... The only thing that scares the Arabs!
  5. The only thing that scares the Arabs about our SLRs is the recoil and muzzle blast when they pull the trigger.
  6. That has to be a new speed record
  7. Frank Gardner is an extremely professional journalist with enormous expreince in the Middle east and extremely good connections (and some of his copy is from the well-respected RUSI stable under Prof Michael Clarke). Moreover, he is still a Maj in the TA, I believe.

    Finally, 40 years after creating a power vacuum after the British removed themselves from the Gulf, the penny has clicked that this is still an important part of the world...
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  8. Apart from soap and toothpaste.
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  9. New posting where if you get pissed, or hold hands to could get killed :) Ill go
  10. You missed "left handed people eating a sandwich, and toilet paper"
  11. Horray! Another warm-weather batch of RO jobs for the boys before they retire permanently
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  12. I would ascribe high credibility to this. A region which has a huge amount of UK interests at stake, where the local rulers like us, and where we get good training areas and bases for a song. This isnt so much a new policy, more a quiet affirmation of what has been going on in the background for a few years.
    My view is you'll see mainly RAF/RN out there, with Army training teams and exercises, but not garrisons as such. The likelihood is that you won't see a Cyprus equivalent, more a useful collection of facilities and locations which play semi-permanent host to interesting capabilities when it suits our needs.
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  13. Salalah beach for a camel burger and a pint, lovely.
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