Stnad by all troop snco in Blandford

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Remember tonight is the start of the weekend and as proved from last weeks post's there are many tossers out there just waiting for you to slip up .
Not so they could inform the RSM on montag morgen but so they could post that Siht on here with the hope of getting you posted with out being proved to be a class 1 ****** that these grassing swines really are.

So head this warning they are out there ....and unless you want a staring role on here monday i would recoment that you apply a little caution on this weekends social pleasure.

Although 90% of the little swines will be skint now......

Last weeks posts proved absolutely squat diddly, for all we know it could have been lies (and probably was). After having a bit of fun with the blandford kindergarten, i've given up posting in reply to their rantings.

Do you really think the SNCO's of Blandford need that reminder? The Corps already looks a bunch of cnuts to the arrse readership, lets not fuel matters by starting another game of tech slagoff tennis.

Not open for further replies.

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