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  1. Yes ALWAYS, Im a True Rubber Lover

  2. No never, it spoils the sensations, mood, climax

  1. Asking for a bit of advise and no its not about an itch Ive got so keep your home remedies to yourself, Recently in BFG they spent a fortune, no doubt , on producing sachets of Showergel promoting safe sex, personally I thought the majority of the lads probably used it as a lubricant missing the small print saying showergel, to spread the awareness of Safe Sex. Need some ideas how we can successfully promote SAFE sex instead of us all enduring powerpoint presentations showing us scabby bits of peoples anatomy which is obviously not promoting the use of Condoms.
  2. But it does show the consequences of not using a condom.

    Welcome to my world,

    .....if you do come up with a proven health promotion tool which does make individuals use condoms then let me know, because there is nothing out there presently that works. Mainly because we start sex ed far too late in life, catch them early in primary school introduce sex ed slowly & gently & it will be come the norm.

    However this PC country pandas to minority moaners which influence what goes on in schools so by the time they get the information its already taboo to discuss & to bl00by late because they have got there leg over already adding to teen pregnancy rates (highest in Europe) & STI rates, (1 in 10, 16 to 26 yr old with Chlamydia).

    Rant over.

    For some reason your previous thread ended up in the ARSSE HOLE, no doubt because of the poll you attached to it.

    Or was it just down to ignorance of the issue being discussed, another individual pandering to the PC culture when discussing sexual health. Push to the back & may be it will go away!!