Stirring the soapdodgers up again

OOOOPPS seems i have upset them again... :roll:

There only tool for competing with anyone with a whiff of a right of centre viewpoint is to label them a racist and facist.

Well thats me Fucked!

They can stick their soap dodging antics, i have better places to be (like here!)

CNUTS the lot of them!
They discovered i had been banned once before (a previous forum board war) and took a bit of a hissy fit.

They had been looking for an excuse for ages as i was one of a small minority who had right of centre (AKA the far right by U75ers!) that were constantly abused and moaned at by the mods and regulars.

Tired of their bullshit. It's like getting a politician to say yes or no.
CardinalSin said:
Aye but come on AS, you don't exactly shy away from labelling people as commies on ARRSE . You're hardly Gandhi! :D
Shut it you soppy tree hugging shirtlifter! :D

They were just being arsey about it.

Some of th esotries i posted on here, i also posted on there and was labelled a racist cnut! :roll:

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