Stirring Efforts from the Daily Wail.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. We all know that the Daily mail newspaper exists to give its readers things (normally everything) to complain about and as an outlet to shriek and howl their venom and spleen out to various stooges who could be anyone or anything ranging from Immigrants, people on benefits to any political party and foxes.
    How nice to see that they are working so hard to keep that hatefactor going throughout the season of peace and goodwill to all.

    Christmas on benefits: Eloise Little's spent £3k of taxpayers' money on presents | Mail Online

    Police accused of over-reacting after man is hauled before court for throwing a snowball at a policeman | Mail Online

    Vince Cable: Top Tory calls Business Secretary a 'lame duck' | Mail Online

    Muslim group launches poster hate campaign against festive period | Mail Online

    Top Gear Christmas Special: Jeremy Clarkson gets revenge on The Stig | Mail Online

    Britain's economic growth not a strong as previously thought | Mail Online

    WikiLeaks: 1 in 3 British Muslim students back killing for Islam, 40% want Sharia law | Mail Online

    Read the comments for the laughs
  2. Actually I came across a number of these anti Christian posters in Euston a week or so ago and tore them down, they are without doubt viciously racist and bigoted and if they were directed against Muslims those involved would already be having their doors kicked in by plod.

    I am glad that the mail has picked up on it, maybe, just maybe the Jihadi scrotes that are priniting them and putting them up, will have their faces, names and addresses published as a result.

    I was upset when I read them and I am a c*nt, nice old dears who see them will be seriously upset, as the mail is saying.
  3. I'm not saying that the content is not true the point is that the Mail loves it and enjoys nothing more than stroking then flames till a large fire has kicked up out of a small one.
    As for the subject in question the way you reacted AJ (tear down and then ignore) is better than make a great hysteria and then portray as a widespread incident.
  4. How do you confuse a Daily Mail reader?

    Tell him that the illegal immigrant is the natural predator of the paedophile....
  5. I love the irony of the poster

    Marriage? With children and against their will!
    Family? See below
    Honour? Includes Killing your children/sister/family/et al because they dare to converse with, have a relationship with or otherwise have contact with someone the Family disapproves of!
    Dignity? Whipping women in public because they dare to wear trousers or have an opinion!
    Security? On pain of death . . literally!
    Rights for man? This could be the only one that has some essence of truth
    Rights for Woman? I won't even go there!
    Rights for kids? See Marriage and Honour above

    And as for Promiscuity, does this not apply to rich Muslims visiting European brothels, etc ?
    Crime? Fraud and corruption on an eye-watering scale.
    Paedophilia? See Marriage above
    Domestic violence? Hahahahaha!!!!!
    Violence? Does this not include honour beatings or family feuds? Perhaps not?
    Alcohol? Erm . . yeah right!
    Drugs? Remind me where the majority of the worlds heroin comes from?

    I know I'm generalising but most of what goes on above falls within that muzzy area being between a cultural thing and dodgy interpretation of the Qu'ran.
  6. Hmmm If it were not for the alcohol ban I suspect most Arrsers would probably join.
  7. More to the point: oh yeah, let's take the muslim saints and the christian scum and make them into religious stereotypes, that's nice and logical... twats of the highest order.
  8. She certainly stupid admitting to being completly on benefits while doing an interview for the daily mail thats really throwing yourself to the sharks.
  9. This is from the comments about Eloise

    This is not going to learn her kids about any values at all its pathetic, she is just mocking those who work for a living, asking for help is one thing but openly abusing those who give it is disgusting.
  10. What do you expect, she's Cornish!!
  11. What? No cure for/cause of cancer? And what does all this mean for house prices?

  12. Let me get this right,so a newspaper,publishes stories that sell the newspaper because,people want to read these stories,and the newspaper wants to sell shitloads of newspapers.

    That's supposed to be something different? What were you doing reading the Daily Mail anyway? ;-)
  13. Fcuking fuming here. True picture of broken Britian.
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Are you really fuming? or are you just internet angry?

    Are you waving your fist at the PC and putting on your vexed face....... Or are you just a tampon full of congealed menstrual blood.