Stirlings men (Gavin Mortimer)

Throroughly recopmmended read!

ISBN: 0-304-36706-0

Got it as a bit of a stocking filler yesterday and have been unable to put it down.

Mortimer interviews nearly sixty wartime SAS soldiers who as yet never revealed thier role in the regiment. He followed them on raids against the german airfields in Northern Africa, through Sicily and Italy where they derailed trains and coastal gun emplacements, into France in 1944 where 8000 axis personnel were killed or wounded by the SAS then finally into Germany when the fighting against fanatical SS troops was merciless.

Another truly humbling read, and a classic account of abcolute bravery from very brave, very unspoken charismatic British soldiers.

I only picked it up at 8pm last night and have got lumpy throated twice.

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