Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by old_bloke, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Any financial wizards out there can advise me what is happening to the Stirling to Euro rate.

    I am waiting to change a lot of cash into Euro. Last week every day the rates were up and down like a hookers knickers.

    However today it’s like the wife’s old lady knickers, stuck fast.

    Why no changes today and I have been monitouring all morning and the rate has not changed at all. very spooky.

    Anybody know if something is afoot, should I change today or wait?
  2. Bear Stearns, very large Yank Bank has had to be rescued by the septics. Markets are scared and not moving.
  3. No movement?

    Op 1.2897 Hi 1.2904 Lo 1.2640 spot 1 . 2 7 7 3

    Mind you unless you are talking in the millions of £ then it really isn't doing a lot today.

    Now as to why this is happening? No idea. :)

    Mustn't forget that a lot of the spams will be painting themselves green and getting p1ssed today though.
  4. Thanks to the upset in the US market in particular, USD has become less attractive to investors, leading to investors looking for a new 'safe harbour' currency - EUR. As a result of the mass buy-in to EUR, the rules of supply and demand have meant that compared with most other currencies, EUR is more expensive. Depending on how desperate you are to FX your funds, I'd wait at least a few days for the markets to react to the BS / JPM situation as the Fed has cut the base rate and is setting out new market-settling policies, so jitters should be soothed a little.