Stinky piss?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. What does stinking piss mean? Not just normal piss smell,but a very smelly almost nutty smell? Colour is normal.
  2. You have become a ginger, congratulations.
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  3. Prostate cancer.
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  4. It mostly means you're gay......
  5. ....or you've been eating asparagus, that's even more gay......
  6. Ziiss in n indicatzion of zer fakt zat ihr pisz has turned to somezing elze and zat ihr kidnees sint about to explodde, nicht warr?

    Du should be sehr afraid undt nicht fergessen to pronounce zur r in afraid viz zur glottal back of ze sroat sound. Also!

    Zat vil be zwanzig guineas bitte.

  7. For a delicate sniff of a stinky piss, have a feed of asparagus:

    An amazing root configuration, of that very plant.

    Is it Jesus ?

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  8. That made me do a Muttley when I read it.

    Imagine the blank expressions I just got when I explained what I was laughing at.
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  9. Best case - just something you ate. Worst case - your gonna die of a horrible flesh eating infection. Have you been going bareback on severely tanned tarts again?
  10. Does it smell sugary? Perhaps like sugar puffs? If so, congratulations, you have diabetes!
  11. I think we have a winner.That is the asparagus bit,not the turning homosexual bit obviously.
  12. Poof. Got to be rum and pickled fish flushing meaty chunks out of your plumbing if you want this lot to feel sorry for you.
  13. Lets see. You eat food shaped like a cock and you think you are straight. I have one word for you - denial!
  14. Only 1 in 4 people can smell "asparagus piss" odour.

    Every one else just wonders what you are going on about.

    Useless fact #241 in a never ending series.
  15. Imminent liver failure.

    Soon your piss will get darker whilst your shit gets lighter. You will suffer increasing amounts of gastric pain, turn yellow and die.