Stinky piss?

Ziiss in n indicatzion of zer fakt zat ihr pisz has turned to somezing elze and zat ihr kidnees sint about to explodde, nicht warr?

Du should be sehr afraid undt nicht fergessen to pronounce zur r in afraid viz zur glottal back of ze sroat sound. Also!

Zat vil be zwanzig guineas bitte.

Best case - just something you ate. Worst case - your gonna die of a horrible flesh eating infection. Have you been going bareback on severely tanned tarts again?
Only 1 in 4 people can smell "asparagus piss" odour.

Every one else just wonders what you are going on about.

Useless fact #241 in a never ending series.
My piss is the colour of dark Navy rum and smells like vintage pub carpet left out in the sun.

Doctor did all the tests and tells me I'm fine.
I had a medical last month and there was huge consternation about a liver enzyme spike and I had to come back and speak to the doctor. The spike was 34 somethings and it should have been 32 somethings. Doctor warned me that if the spike had been 74 somethings I would need to start finding out why,

that'll be 200 quid.

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