Stinking Bishop anyone?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Gundulph, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. What is the Best Cheese you have all found out there? there was a 'Life Begins Again' programme on a few weeks ago about a lady who bought a small herd of cows and started producing her own cheese that she found a Medieval Recipe for in a local library.

    I've heard Stinking Bishop is a popular cheese, over here in the Balkans the locals rant & rave over Travnik Sir, cheese made from sheep's milk which graze on the Vlasic Mountain, not too keen on it myself as it's an acquired taste.

    So, What is Your Favourite Cheese and why? I like a decent Blue cheese as it's a great excuse to down a bottle or two of decent white wine... :wink:


    This is the "Cheese Possessed, Egg Banjo & Babies Heads" Forum, so any knob and other cheesey alternative posts over in the NAAFI please ... :D
  2. Caws Cennarth realy nice Welsh cheese visited the factory back in the Summer, great with a pint on "Old Rosey"cider
  3. St Marcellin. French, small round cows cheese. Best when aged. Smells like a body exchange between the Serbs and Muslims but tastes fantastic. Similar experience with a good Langres (Affinage in Marc).
  4. Cathedral City. Perfect with a bottle of Blue Nun.
  5. I hate the Frogs BUT they do make remarkably good cheese and wine
  6. Cider!!! I miss it so :cry: Don't they use Cider to wash Stinking Bishop? and I think that gives it it's familiar sweaty bollocks odour! 8O
  7. Blue Nun :D Cheap & Cheerful, you can't beat it 8) or maybe you can, with an equally cheap & cheerful Liebfraumilch - the perfect companions to a Cheese & Violence Squadron Bar party...
  8. Last summer I acted as interpreter for the German Moter Caravan club we started off at Ross on Wye and I took them on the cider tour. Now Krauts just dont seem to get cider/scrumpy, they were just pouring it down like apple saft, so I ended up with 50 parraletic Krauts after 10 stops in an all day P*** up with a bus full of spew, had to bribe the driver . Another great day out
  9. Stilton, of course.

    My dear old ma orders a small Wensleydale from Hawes Dairy for us every year. That's just arrived so v. happy.


    The goat's cheese rolled in ash (forget the name)

    Caboc - the Scots soft cheese rolled in oats. Is that still made?
  11. I've never been a fan of feeding a Stilton, although each to their own.

    I did once make Stilton ice cream from a Victorian recipe as a starter for a dinner party - it was foul!
  12. Stilton with strawberrys, black pepper and a dribble of balsamic syrup is smashing
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Close but no cigar; the clue is in the name!

    They use Perry to wash the cheese with, and 'Stinking Bishop' is the Pear variety used to make it!

    Pour moi favourite cheeses include:

    Brie de Melun
    Colston Bassett Stilton
    Montgomery Cheddar
    etc etc

    As to why? Flavour of course, plus the stench! ;)
  14. Frankly the only cheese for which I do not care is Danish Blue.

    As has been said by others... a good Stilton.

    Also very partial to Doux de Montagne and Epoisses.

    EDIT: Doh!!! Cannot believe I did not mention Vacherin.
  15. Bellenda cheese is very pungent, an acquired taste you might say.