Sting's Wiltshire Home for Sale

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by afghanman, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. Wilsfords' got a Cum Lake? **** that, I bet it ******* stinks!!
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  2. Think you'll find Stings house further down the road - not been past for a few years but i'm sure this ain't it !
  3. You're right, no fields of gold in any of the pictures.
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  4. Lovely home, but £3.7M is slightly out of my price range.
  5. His house. Nice music room.

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  6. This is Normanton House for sale, Stings is Lake House
  7. I'm not interested now, can't believe you tried to sell me this tacky pad pretending it was Stings house...I'm withdrawing my bid.
  8. "Wilsford cum lake", thats tantric sex for you.
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  9. Does it have a bat cave?
  10. Sting would be living in a council house if more people like me thought his output were pretentious dirges.
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  11. This is my next door neighboors house her husband died and she sold the house it was sold a couple of days ago for 2.8 million it is not stigs house that is further down however there is a house/estate for 48 million (or something like that) on the other side of me. Sting is very rarely here
  12. Bit harsh, used to like him in "The Police", later stuff is bone though.
  13. Are you a bank robber? How do you afford to live there?