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Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. When we got to Tidworth in 89 we were surprised to see that they had Stillbrew armour on after so many years with Challenger. The answer to the question "what the fook is that?" was answered with the army bought two T72's from the old East Germany and took one of the up to Kirtkubright. They fired an APDS or fin round at the thing and it went through with no probs. The other one shot at a Cheify turret and it went throught the mantlet.

    Some geezer called Stillbrew had a cunning plan and said we can put extra armour on and designed the mod. It was approved and fitted within 6 months, is this true?

    One of the problems I had with this mod was that it 'Ovalised' the turret ring. This meant that the traverse gear box was put under a lof pressure and couldn't do it's job properly. You would be motoring along and the driver would stick left or right and the turret would stay in the same place. Not too much of a problem if you were on the plain but VERY dangerous if you were on the road. In the two years we were there I had two gear-box lifts in two years, this was only a case of taking the box off and fitting shims but has anyone else had the same problems with this mod?
  2. 1 RTR swopped it's Chieftains for the the Stillbrew & TOGS version in the late 80's. It was confirmed to us at the time that it was NOT Chobbam but normal steel armour, but that it increased Chieftain Turret armour protection to "Challenger" levels, (well thats what they said). As for affecting the vehicles performance?, as Chieftain did not have any performance it never really mattered.
  3. it was also left unfilled untill the third shock army came over the wall. i always assumed it would be filled with concrete, but i was just a doe eyed snap tin back then! ex 17/21 in tidworth as well!
  4. Stillbrew was designed by Maj (it was not his namein RTR basically layers steel plates spaced armour and layers of thick rubber, if you motor across the impact area to Warminster you will see loads of dead chieftains with the armour hanging off, or I can send you some shots. Never noticed any degredation in the trav gearboxes though Stumy. The officila line on the acceptance report was although it increase weight there is no loss of performance. You can tell it was not highly classified as for al the hulks still fitted with it or the tanks sold to private owners.
  5. If you do have some pics Commander I would be grateful. Don't get over to Warminster at all and it would be nice to see them before they get completely trashed.

    Was the guys name Stillbrew? Quite surprised you haven't come accross this ovalation of the ring given the books you've written. Our LAD in Tidworth was very used to it happening it was a hell of a job though had to take the gunners sight out and lift the gearbox with a crane they hated doing it. What units used the mk 10/11's the longest?
  6. 1 RTR (Tidworth) were the last regiment on Chieftain
  7. IIRC, Stillbrew was an abbreviation of the surnames of two people that worked on the project.

    I think the thick rubber was just there as an anti-vibration mount - the first ones without it started falling off!
  8. you sure about that? What date was that? Always thought it was Scots DG in Catterick who backloaded last Chieftain Stillbrew in 1995/96?
  9. not now I'm not!!! apologies if I'm wrong, genuine error.
  10. ''The First returned to Germany in 1996 and established themselves in Paderborn. The noteworthy event at this time was that on handing in their Chieftains to Luggershall they were recognised as the last RAC Regiment to operate on Chieftain.''

    from the rtr website, hope this clears it all up, the site also mentions the stillbrew.