Dear all,

Those of you who remember Arrser and South Atlantic veteran Ron (still21inmymind) will know he very sadly passed away on the 21st of August 2009 after a valiant battle against cancer. Ron was a lovely guy who offered his services to help raise some funds for Hols4heroes at last June's veterans day, that was an example of how Ron saw life, he always saw others worse off than himself and was willing to give away the precious time he had left.

I was contacted by Ron's daughter via facebook last week as she has enlisted in the Race for life on the 10th July 2010 and was raising funds in Ron's memory. Gina has raised a few quid so far but is only half way there, I've banged her a few quid and would love to see her go way beyond her target, so if you can spare her a couple of quid to help her achieve her aim, then please visit her rsace for life page and give her a lift.
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