still weeping/oozing blood

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pompey_Jock, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Feel a bit of an arrse for posting this rather d'uh! topic, but anyway....

    Finished work mid-afternoon and then headed out on mountain bike to burn of some steam... came adrift on a downhill and although went into a nice tuck & protected vital bits - elbow, knee and shin came away minus chunks of skin and with a fetching tough grain sandpaper effect as a bonus.

    Thought about continuing on - but blood welling out through all the mud and grot made me decide to head back to clean it all up....
    bath & shower, cleaned off the grot and soaped the area of wounds - dried - applied coating of antiseptic ointment and went on life as normal.

    Now some 8 hours later the two deepest ones are still occasionally weeping a bit of a strange blood, plasma mix - maybe even a bit of pus or dirt from the wound too.
    Would I be aswell getting the damn things cleaned out properly tomorrow - or just get some Iodine/TCP and dab at the things myself....

    Really dont think the wounds (for lack of better word) are that big a deal at all - but not had a cut/scrape/hole - whatever - that is still oozing after this amount of time since the incident.... we're not exactly talking sucking chest wound here... :?
  2. The symptoms you describe indicate that you have VD. Have others been riding your bike while wearing thin, lycra shorts?

    FFS don't go to A&E or you'll have MRSA and Cdiff too. Boil up some dettol or bleach in an old sauce pan and pour over your genital area. That should clear it up.

    If the wound starts to smell bad in a couple of days then the dettol hasn't worked and you've got gangrene. Again, dont go to A&E if you value your life. Get an old belt and bite down hard while your wife saws off the affected limbs with your best hacksaw.

    If you've got some rum, drink it all before wifey starts operating. This is what the barber surgeon used to do when we had injuries, warts or ingrown toenails at sea. Worked every time.
  3. You're being a bit impatient mate, eight hours is not very long for a wound to settle down. If its still weeping after a couple of days, I like to take a long bath/shower to soften it up, then debride it with a scrubbing brush and soap, then slap on some tea tree oil. Works a treat.
  4. The old remedies are often the best. One that is coming back into fashion in modern medicine is the application of maggots.

    Go to your local fishing tackle shop and get a pint of maggots. They'll probably come with a load of sawdust - get rid of the sawdust as you want them to be hungry.

    Apply them to the affected area and hold them loosely in place with a bandage. I can't stress too much - LOOSELY - you mustn't squash the little darlings. They'll eat the affected flesh and the wound will heal much better and without much of a scar.

    Go to bed and they should have done their work by the following morning. If you share your bed with somebody, don't tell them about the maggots - they'll only have a sleepless night.

    Depending on how much you love your partner, you may wish to count the maggots before you go to bed and again in the morning. If the numbers don't equate, you would be justified in subjecting your partner to a full body cavity search. If you love your partner a lot, you'll do this before they wake up. If you don't love your partner, explain what you're doing and why.

    If you don't have a partner, then there's no need to worry about how many go missing during the night - after a few days the maggots will turn into bluebottles and fly away of their own accord.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Just get some antiseptic ointment Fucidin if you can wangle it or plain old Savlon if you can't, coat liberally, put on a dressing, change daily.

    Once a scab forms you can pick at it then eat the bits that come off in front of the missus - should seriously freak her out.
  6. Morning, how's the leg treating you - still attached?

    Cling film at night and let it breathe during the day!

    I keep ripping skin off mine every couple of weeks; rugby, cricket, cycling, football, drinking, rounders and even swimming! When it goes, no point fooking about, clean/new scrubbing brush and a decent antiseptic soap to clear all the crappage out and wrap the bugger up in cling film before snoozing and let it breathe, if practical, during the day.

    Good luck fella.


    If it stings a little - try not falling off your bike! :)
  7. 1. Put a bandage on.

    2. Stop weeping.
  8. You must be a doctor like me! :D

  9. Needless to say - bit uncomfortable trying to sleep, so back at the keyboard again....

    Oh bugger - and I thought I'd caught it from the tuppeny whore on the Canal side.

    Sounds much the approach I adopted earlier - minus the tea tree - and will work on the patience.

    Whilst I am well aware of the propensity of maggots to eat dead/diseased tissue, thus cleaning a wound - not all that useful under the circumstances. But thanks. :wink:

    Ahhh - common sense and Savlon, that sounds just the ticket.
    And glad to know I am not the only one that has nibbled on the occasional scab. 8O Only my own though.....

    Done the 'not fooking about' cleaning bit - hadnt thought of the cling film approach though, will bear that in mind in future. Meanwhile have been letting the air at it anyway as I didnt have any dressings that would not get stuck to the fecking mess.

    :lol: :D

    Thanks for the responses - have realised I was being a bit of an arrse and listening to the advice of an ex-girlfriend (over the phone). :oops: Have had another go cleaning over/around it all with surgical spirit - I will live, be back out on the bike or running in short order.
  10. Well, occasional amateur gynaecologist. I like to specialise :D