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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freshage, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. i submitted my application on the 10th december and i still havnt heard anything back from anyone... does the online office appy with the same dates for application stuff (closed 21st dec - 07th jan)

    ive checked all my phone messages every single day, been in every single day, looked through all mail every single day and checked my emails several times a day.

    should i wait it out another week or start sending email to query this? if so to the email, then hich address would be best?

  2. check other posts about online apps. They appear to be a bit slow on that one.
  3. Its a waste of time really as they will send you information and then lead sheet to your nearest ACIO and give you the time to go in. You might as well go straight into the ACIO on Monday have a reception chat, book the BARB and get the paperwork off of them IMHO. Most the time I had lead sheets come in the office the timings the online office wasnt any good for the applicant or recruiters were busy with other applicants.
  4. bugger... so if i just print of the pdf for the app that i sent online, take it down to the ACIO (less than a 10 min walk from me), hand it over saying ive applied online but its taking too long and want to get things moving without being in patient... they should allow me to carry on as though i sent my app in like everyone else? hehe

  5. Just go straight in, theyll give you all the application pack you need and giv you a reception interview. Just let them know you also applied online.