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Discussion in 'Medals' started by lifesabummer, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Been out of the mob now for 20 months and I'm still waiting for my National Defence Medal. It's getting close to Rememberance Sunday and I don't want to get shown up by the RBL members with all their bling and me with my pathetic 8 medals.

    Anyone know if we're any closer to getting this.

    Many thanks
  2. Good try.
  3. It wasn't, actually.
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  4. I was being kind.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Wear what you will on Rememberance Sunday, though I doubt that anyone who would qualify for such a poxy medal, if they ever deigned to award it, would remember much from the glorious episode that was BAOR. Remembrance Sunday is, however, a different matter.
  6. NO NOT GOOD TRY, it's a perfectly suitable question. HM has granted a NDM to almost every other Commonwealth nation but not to us.
  7. A Negligent Discharge Medal? I just got a fine. I feel cheated.
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  8. That'l be another medal I don't get, just like the LS&GC :)
  9. Really almost every other Commonwealth nation? Does she have any power to do such a thing?
  10. “The object of giving medals, stars and ribbons is to give pride and pleasure to those
    who have deserved them. At the same time a distinction is something which
    everybody does not possess. If all have it, it is of less value. There must, therefore,
    be heart-burnings and disappointments on the borderline. A medal glitters, but it
    also casts a shadow. The task of drawing up regulations for such awards is one
    which does not admit of a perfect solution. It is not possible to satisfy everybody
    without running the risk of satisfying nobody. All that is possible is to give the
    greatest satisfaction to the greatest number and to hurt the feelings of the fewest.”
    Winston Churchill – 22nd March 1944

    I think he basically said 'man up, wet-pants'
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  11. That's not what Government thinks as per the Artic Star / Bomber Command Clasps all recent decisions and issued

    Sixty years + after the event

    The Court of Public Opinion via Facebook / Twitter and / Daily Wail are the arbiters of who should have a medals not Governments who court popularity -

  12. Didn't want one and never had one!

    Trigger Discipline!

    Oh wait! That's not what's this is about is it?

    I'm fine with my mere two bit's of bling. I was never in it for the tin.
  13. As head of the Commonwealth yes she does, donut.
  14. I've got one of them!

    Mine came with a 7 day holiday in the glass house.
  15. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I think I can get away with 2 more tours of the desert before I'm due any more bling - which would be inconvenient as it'll be a separate medal (ACSM11) as opposed to just giving me a bar for my already hard-earned ACSM94. Luckily I only have enough time left for one more tour - although I'm not holding my breath.

    I just hope that HM holds out for a couple of years as the thought of another Coronation Medal, ACSM and a bloody NDM will resemble something like a Remembrance version of Buckaroo.

    Although I'd quite enjoy the image of standing next to a fat and proud Cold War warrior wearing his newly polished NDM on his blazer, while mine is barely visible underneath my other 10 medals, listening to him bang on about how dangerous it was drinking in BAOR with the constant threat from the east, jets regularly flying with weapons armed etc, whilst admiring the blotchiness of his red nose and wondering when he last passed a PFA, and if chicken really did taste like chicken back then.