still waiting also posted on RHQ forum

ok this is the letter i have recieved from the med centre was hoping it was a med date but nope
i am a re enlistment
Dear Mr **** We have Recieved you medical questionair and are aware of your previous history of both back and groin pain
up to atleast June 2005,before we can consider your reapplication any further can you confirm to us that you have been free of any pain for atleast 12 months,
and provide us with information about the type of exercise you do including intensity and regularity.
we look forward to recieving this information asap.

my reply was this
I can confirm that i have no pain or discomfort for the last 12 months and listed below is the type of exercise i do
pressups 50-100 daily
situps 50-100 daily
squats 50-100 daily
run with and without weight 4 to 6 miles every other evening
with no pain or
i also told them i work on the lorries delivering goods of all sizes and weight every day
with no pain or discomfort what so ever
and i went to a local GP to look at my back and wright a letter confirming my back was fine.
ok so your all thinking so what ,the thing is i have heard nothing back for 2 weeks now and im worried im going to be turned down without a medical,
even though my medical is 12 months still indate,is this possible,or are they that busy ?
Ring your A.C.I.O and ask them to check for you, if you have been approved to attend ADSC they will know as it will be in their computer. If not, expect another letter from the Medical wing informing you A) That they want more info, or B) That you have been medicaly deffered. Good luck!

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