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Still selling my service dress

I tried in classifed ads but didn't get a lot of response, so I crave your indulgence for a burst here.

Being of advanced years, I think my service dress is very much STR, so, what am I bid?

Made for me quite a long time ago now but only worn a dozen times or so. Unfortunately, there is a small moth hole on the right lapel, but I suppose that could be repaired. Otherwise in very good order. The tunic is a pretty standard four button pattern, pleated breast pockets, no fancy cuff buttons or anything. Currently badged and buttoned for a LI major, so that's not a lot of use to anyone.

I'm 6' 2 1/2", but very long in the body, so the tunic would fit a chap of 6'4" probably, while the trousers would probably be a bit short for him. The inside leg measures 33" though, somewhat to my surprise. 38" waist, 44" chest, or thereabouts.

I would throw in a Sam Browne I happen to have.

I also have an LI no 1 dress cap, free to good home.
How much and what P&P?
How much for the Sam Browne on its own,

The other stuff you could donate to your museum

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