Still seeking Brian Kelly, Royal Signals... Anyone...???

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by SNLR86, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Still trying to trace Brian James Kelly, based on:

    - Served in R Signals during at least 1960-61, probably a regular rather than National Serviceman
    - Thought to have been aged around 27 in 1960
    - Possibly born in Wales, maybe in Glamorgan
    - Served at a unit in or near Newark during the second half of 1960
    - Posted to Germany, possibly Berlin, during 1961

    Any help would be most welcome - and a reward wouldn't be out of the question, for a definitive conclusion to the search.

    Have already tried all the usual places...
  2. You do realise that he'd be approx 76 years old? Maybe he's passed away?
  3. More than likely, but that's not the point -- it's a long story, but confirmation of his passing would actually be almost as useful as finding him alive.
  4. For what it's worth there was a Brian James Kelly born 19th May 1932, died in Salford (Lancs) Jan 1998. No idea if it's the same fella?
  5. I served with a Brian (Taff) Kelly. first met him in trade training in Lincoln , he had been training as a Radio Op in Newark, but failing that regraded as a SigCen Op that was the summer 1960. From there
    We both got posted to 28th Signal Regt first at Moenchen Gladbach and then St Toenis.
    By the time I got posted away in 1964 he had made Cpl.
  6. You could try putting one of those adverts in the back of Soldier magazine. There are always call outs for "old comrades".

  7. Please check your PMs...