Still searching for a long-legged woman?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. :D

    hi guys

    what about me? am 5'11"
  2. I'm happy for you!
  3. Is that around your waist or hips? How tall are you? :wink:
  4. my height silly boy! :D

    long-legged attractive NICE woman on the's from officers especially welcomed...
    and no...i'm not a lady of the night.
  5. Well we would need to see how attractive first...
  6. For goodness sake !!

    no time-wasters please...if any nice men interested we could blind-date ..
  7. Are you really that bad?

  8. stoppit! :twisted:
  9. I'm just trying to find out more...
  10. well you're going the wrong way about it geordie ... girls like OFFERS and no messing 'specially when we're on the razzle dazzle...just like you men.. you I'll be snapped up by this time tomorrow night!

    so ...any forties or even fifties, athletic - at least not fat, not toooooooooooooo-bad looking, pref. high ranking gentlemanly gents out there?
    :D :)

  11. High ranking? You after the money or something?
  12. no power just does it for me !! :oops:
  13. It's not just high ranking officers with power you know.
  14. pic then? u first :D
  15. Mein gott! 8O 8O Is this a wind up???

    Just as a side what makes you think that 'high ranking gentlemanly gents' aren't already snapped up? Probably by someone with a bit more 'razzle dazzle' than one who writes with poor grammar and punctuation, whilst posing under the handle of 'girlywhirly' when quite clearly you must have developed past pimples to be hunting for a 40/50 something chap.

    Describing yourself might help.

    P.S For the record, now the other thread is locked, Sandy can indeed be trusted. He is a proper gent (who likes trashing Landies... :-D)