still no papers?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatboy1907, May 4, 2011.

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  1. anyone else due at chilwell may 30th who still hasnt got there papers through yet ?so much for 28 days notice
  2. Yup. Same here. Our CoC is chasing ours up. Can see it being put down to postal delays due to the Bank Holidays... I'd say here's hoping the envelope drops today but ive given up waiting for it!
  3. I expect them on the door step today or Thursday. They said they sent most out on Wednesday ( Glasgow ). If required Glasgow can e-mail you the details of your mobilisation in order to inform work - the wife. I suggest going through SPSI as Glasgow will not be happy if we all ask at the same time. Of the 51 expecting papers from my unit some half a dozon have been delayed due to medical issues so they will not be dispatched until the end of this week. And the dates for Chilwell for the Infantry is Saturday 28th May. Cheers S n O
  4. I've been told by Glasgow it's today or tomorrow at latest.
  5. If you dont get em in post they be sent here for when you arrive.