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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tankgirl198613, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. I applied for army june 07 im still waiting to get to selection. Im itchin to get up to pirbright i had my 1st selection in jan this year did 1st day with flying colours and then failed my run by 2seconds i was gutted. :cry:
    Havent been able to get back up there yet and its doin my head right in. my mate who applied at same time has finally got in and goes to pirbright on mon i hope my time will come soon.
    Im paranoid about my running as its really not a strong point and even tho im training my run doesnt seem to be gettin near to what id be happy with and i dont want to get deferred for 12months if i fail again. i went up 1st time with a 12.56 run and it wasnt good enough so i want to get it to 12.30 or less but im stuck at 12.50-13.00min arghhhhhhh i want in!!!!!!
    just my story so far, i aint giving up and still goin strong i will get there!

    Anyone else with a simular story please tell i need the moral boost :D
  2. i applied to the royal punctuation corps and the wont let me in because they said i cant punctuate anything and they cant make out what the fcuk im sayin and im like hey and they r like yknow and that and i wnat to do test again but i dont like ritin an that becos i cant be arrsed to priktise and luran and that so i like see what yor sayin an that.
  3. I may be wrong but I am sure my Careers Advisor told me that they are accepting up to 14mins at Selection now? - This seamed a lot of time to me?

    Have you tried interval training I have been doing this over a 3 mile run and I have knocked off 30 secs my 1.5 miles in 2 weeks.
  4. Ok, first of all I'm not in yet myself - but something really sticks out here; you've had since January to improve on your run time, and in those 8 months you've not been able to knock off more than 6 seconds (let alone show a significant improvement) - and I really doubt anyone would plateau at 12:50...

    Like I said, I'm not in yet myself - but even completely ignoring the fact that this is for selection, it really doesn't quite sound like you've put the effort in. If you really want in, then find ways to push yourself - there's loads of different techniques to improve your time, and 1.5miles isn't that tough.

    Someone will no doubt suggest you do a search for ways to improve.
    Maybe you could find a local running club?!?!
  5. Try moving your legs faster...

    I trained for a month and got my run time from 13:28 to 9:15...
  6. at training i had 12.56 run at selection i got 14.02 i know what u mean by taking so long and believe me im puttin alot of training in i even changed jobs so i can concentrate on training more i dont know why my runnin is so lame. im gettin so annoyed and frustrated about taking so long its doin my head right in
  7. Oi Tubbs, I'm 40 next birthday and ca turn in a 9.30 1.5 mile run every time I go out. Thats because I put the miles in.
  8. You seem to need help with your running so like its been said by Chimp go join a running club. The competitive and team nature of this will help improve your run time dramatically.

    Also make sure you are building your leg muscles. Do a lot of squats and lunges in your circuit training to notice a vast improvement quickly.

    Try doing other sports like cycling, swimming, kickboxing, rugby, football...
    All of these improve your overall CV and they are also fun ^_^.

    Finally don't just run 1.5 miles. Try running longer distances 3 miles + regularly. That means when you do a 1.5 you look at it and say 'Wow 1.5 miles is F*** all...'

    Hope this helps,


    P.S if you want to really improve go onto the Royal Marine website .Clicky.Sign up and go look at their training program. It really helped me get my fitness levels through the roof in a short time.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    If you haven't got anything constructive to say, don't say it. I get tired of morons like you trying to be clever.

    For the original poster, if you want to start a blog start one in the blog area of ARRSE. If you're having problems with your fitness, post in the Health and Fitness forum.
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