Still Being payed after leaving the Army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bulgingbadger, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. An old colleage of mine has been in touch and has asked me that, lets say, if the army were still paying him after he'd left, what would be the consequences, how would he repay them and really whats the worst that could happen.

    He Left less than a year ago

    He wants to join the GGS in germany but is worried that it could effect his chances of getting in.

    I apologise for the cloak and dagger approach but I'm not going to be responsible for sending him down the pan.

    Any help would set his mind at ease.

  2. The words "Jail, to, thieving, straight, go, you, cnut" spring to mind, although not necessarily in that particular order.
  3. He is probably still on 'Gardening leave' and doesnt realise it
  4. nope hes been out a little to long for that to be gardening leave
  5. Did your (ahem) "mate" tell anyone other than you about this? For example, his last unit? Or Glasgow?
  6. Tell him to bung it in the highest interest account he can find and not touch it. If they realise and ask for it back, he can give them the capital but they probably can't ask for the interest. If they don't, he's got himself a nice little nest egg.

    It's not his responsibility. If someone gives you money, you take it. If they ask for it back, fair enough.
  7. He says that he thought it was a resettlement grant, he received no resettlement although he qualified for it
  8. He's not looking to point fingers here or wait for someone to own up and say " yeah it was our fault, keep it" but he wants to know what the consequences are and if he can still join the GGS
  9. Wasn't the amount something of a clue - particularly if the amount was spookily similar to his previous monthly salary?
  10. If your "mate" informed Glasgow of his thoughts and suspisicions, I am sure they would take the neccesary action....

    GGS has fcuk all to do with Glasgow though, so it shouldn't be a drama.
  11. Has he been given a P45 by the Army? If not, he's still 'technically' employed by them I think.

    Happened to mate of mine in the civil service. He was sacked after 25 years service, but they continued to pay him for 2 years after sacking him. Then they sent him a P45 and the pay stopped and they wrote off the overpayment.

    Army and CS Pensions, although non contributary, is in fact deferred pay. Has your mate opted out of, or entitled to a pension? They might be returning his pension contributions in monthly instalments similar to his take home pay, to avoid bumping him up to a higher tax bracket. If he's expecting an army pension at retirement, he might get a shock as he will have had it already at todays value.

    Can he get on armynet and look at his pay statements?
  12. no P45 recieved, and says he was still on the old pension scheme,
  13. Tell him to stick to that story. Also him not having a P45 might back this defence up.

    Make sure he buys all his mates lots of drinks. Lucky fcuker!

    was he owed any leave?
  14. yeah 30 days, he says either that story or "what money?" lol, he is buying trust me!
  15. Hey bulingbadger? You seem to be answering the questions on behalf of you (cough) 'mate' quite quickly. Me thinks you and he/she are the same person.........sneaky sneaky!

    Shhhhhhh......your secret is safe with me.