Still ally?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Ex-Ten, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Well Ally

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  2. Just for coffin dodgers

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  1. When I joined up the Dennison Smock (along with the beret) made us stand out from the rest of the army.

    View attachment 101761

    The question for you young-uns is this: Is the Dennison (once the hight of allyness) still the dogs bollox?
  2. Most youngsters today would look at it and ask "So what country does that come from, then?"
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  3. so what country does that come from then?
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  4. To me it just looks like a bog standard para smock with a weird foreign cam pattern. But then I was probably just a twitch in my dads ball sack when it was on issue.
  5. To the Parachute Regiment it is. One of the lads in my section has his wings and is desperate to get the latest MTP version.

    To the rest of the Army in their nice warm breathable but windproof MTP smocks based entirely on the SAS Tantalus with fleece pockets, wired hoods, ventable underarm zips et all it is seen as proof that the average Para in his heavy, slow to dry, un-ventable and non- windproof smock has a solitary brain cell bouncing round their cranium like a game of 70's pong.
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  6. Couldn't vote as I think it is well ally for coffin dodgers (like me).
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  7. Sad but probably true, perhaps some may have seen pictures from when non airborne troops wore plain green :wink:
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  8. it doesnt even have any iPhone pockets on the sleeves!
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  9. I missed meetings more often than I attended, particularly those dealing with nomenclature: surely this garment, given its vintage, be considered "Warry" rather than "Ally", or has that designation now been wholly superseded? Just asking.
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  10. I assume we're talking the latest MTP version of the Dennison Smock rather than that specific camouflage pattern?

    If we're talking the latest MTP version of the Dennison Smock - It's a piece of crap that should have been phased out the same time as Puttees and DMS Boots.

    If we're talking the old Brushstroke Camo version of the Dennison Smock - It's a piece of crap that should have been phased out the same time as the Sherman Tank and the withdrawal from India.

    Maybe they should keep a few around so the Colour Party and Regimental Shetland Pony get to wear one on Airborne Forces Day like Kings Troop RHA and their WW1 13 Pounders.
  11. Good question, I may have committed a syntax error.
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  12. Free.

    As in "Cool, baby. That's really free."

    Among the young, anti-militarist generation, that smock would have been a cut above the more common greatcoat or fish-tail parka.
  13. Has anyone asked Mike Tierney his opinion?
  14. Oi! From your use of title case, I presume you're referring to me.
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  15. Belgium