when i go out for my average 8mile run i tend to get stiffness at the front of my ankle's (bottom of shin) it does not hinder my performace much but it can be uncomfortable

can anyone help me to understand why it does this and is there any way that i can reduce/stop it?

thanks Nuffz
Very possibly you are tying your laces too tight.

This may constrict the muscle running down the front of your lower leg, preventing it from flexing properly, I used to have this problem when tabbing.

Also, it may be that your calf muscle is stronger than the muscle at the front of your lower leg, creating a muscular imbalance. There are exercises you can do to correct this.

Hope this helps!
thanks can any1 give me anymore info on shin splints?


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Google it - there's loads of information around!

Most sites state that shin splints is basically a term for pain in the lower leg, and could be caused by any number of things. Also the symptoms can vary widely. I suffer with pain on the inside of my shins, about 1/3 of the way up. I found that avoiding concrete and getting decent trainers have worked great!
Make sure you're landing nicely with your feet when you make contact, be weary of that and if you're landing heavily on the front, thinking about it can put strain on your shin, and the same effect with too much on the heel (ankle region ;) ).

Good luck mate, and hope whatever it is sorts itself out.

Most i've done is 6 miles.

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