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Stiff Upper Lip


Sgt. ******* with the British 59th Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers, uses his umbrella Tuesday as thunderstorms sweep through the northern Kuwait desert

A soldier of 131 Independent Commando Squadron (Volunteers) of the British Royal Engineers, weathers the sandstorm outside his tent in the northern Kuwaiti desert, Wednesday March 26, 2003. (AP Photo/ Tom Whitehead/POOL)

Edited by Humph De Til to ensure that the erstwhile reader knows that 131 are a TA unit!!!
Reference the great snap of the bloke clearing mines - is this the first press release of the elite RE Backward-Breaching Squad, or is that photographer REALLY stood in the 'naughty' side of the minefield? ???

Did have the same thought myself .......  maybe its the latest technique being taught by BEW.  However seeing as how most of the sprogs are lightweights  ;D  it would be possible for them to breach backwards.


Monday March 24, 07:20 AM
British Royal Engineers direct a Chinook helicopter as it comes in to lower a mobile bridge on the banks of the Shat Al Basra across from Umm Qasr, southern Iraq, Sunday March 23, 2003. (AP Photo/Tom Whitehead/pool)

'Monday March 24, 08:06 PM
Members of the Desert Rats, Zulu Company, Royal Fusiliers, enter Basraand in southern Iraq in a Challenger II tank, Monday, March 24, 2003. (AP Photo/Mark Richards, Pool)'

Is that what they mean by a stabalised gun on C2?  
Is it just me or do you suspect some Gunner's been spinning Mark Richards a line?

Sgt. ******* with the British 59th Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers, uses his umbrella Tuesday as thunderstorms sweep through the northern Kuwait desert

Have you got URL for this photo please, I think I know the bloke but want to confirm.


I already tried that, but when you cut and paste the url properties into a browser, it goes a bit squiffy.

It looks like it's from CNN somewhere on their Middle East area but I can't find the start point.

Thanks anyway Matt, I tried that a while back on that lovely picture on your signature.  Is that from one of your "special" sites, or just a couple of your mates you took a picture of?  If it's the latter, what booze do you want me to bring round your pad next time!

I've tried to get back to the original myself but cannot.

All I can tell you is that it's fron CNN's archives

I have seen the same picture in Current affairs under "True Brit in the desert" which someone else posted ....  but he may have copied it from here.

Sorry I can't help  can't even remember the guys name.

After posting I noticed the update from HH

Royal Engineer divers check a bridge near Basrah for structural safety and to ensure demolition charges have not been laid

A piece of Iraqi artillery is prepared for destruction by a member of 23 Engineer Regiment

The view from the top of an armed
Land Rover used by sappers of 16
Air Assault Brigade for engineer

The Joint NBC Regiment decontaminates
a Royal Engineer diver after an investigation of flooded cellars where
chemicals were reported to be stored. Analysis of samples gave an all-clear later

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