Stiff upper lip, chaps


Crikey I was there this afternoon and had no idea - I saw the poster and toyed with buying it. May have to go back tomorrow...


Likewise, but maybe we're just old fashioned ;)

I think we need more patriotism is this country.


vxnick said:
Likewise, but maybe we're just old fashioned ;)

I think we need more patriotism is this country.

Im 19 going on 90, old bean :wink:

and yes we do I despise the people in charge of this country but i'd risk life and limb for the native people of this fair land.

Best country in the world, we've always been conquerers, and we've always fought for whats right.

Shame the way this government has brought the country to it's knees.

but we'll get through it remeber. Keep calm and carry on.


Roger that, squadron leader - chocks away, pip pip and bob's your uncle.


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I've been looking for a copy of that poster for ages, it'll look great at work.. It's getting laminated and going to be stuck to the inside of the ambulance.


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we have one up in our sqn bar


Callum_Almighty said:
Maybe you could pre order some for the middle eastern ******
there mother come and asked me to remove my union flag from my car
One Line Came To Mind... Go Home :wink:

Sigh - I suppose we're insulting people now for showing some pride in our country. I hope all this PC crap will vanish sooner or later (along with overbearing Health and Safety) :(

I've got a full size union flag above my bed - how sad is that ;)

I'm the sort of person who proudly struts around in Union Jack Y-fronts whilst on a foreign holiday (haven't done yet, but I'm toying with the idea), although I've got myself a flag towel for the beach :)

I think I'm bordering on the obsessive...


Thanks for the link - I vote we all form up and revive old British ways ;)

Edit: And grow a moustache like Kitchener :D
I liked the poster so much I bought three.

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