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Theres too many of them.

Some are OK. But I just been somewhere where the last post, after I scrolled down through 6" of Stickies, was 2008.

If you want to borrow some pruning shears, give us a shout. But have a look, do.


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Probably 'Arrse helped this happen' which, in my opinion, is worthy of stickiness due to highlighting issues the site's been involved in.
But do Stickies have to appear on every page of the forum, why not the first page only, then when you go top page 3 or page 54, you don't have to scroll past the same 6 stickies (or more) that appeared on page 1?
Not in a position to check at the moment but I hadn't noticed that they were behaving like this. Obviously it used to be the other way round on the old software. Am on the case...

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One of my regular haunts are a case in point on the 'too many'
In Mil history.

Are 'Campaign for medals' and 'mil modelling' really worth a sticky in there?
Plus expect for it be asked for being put as a sticky 'Recording our history' has raised no interest.
I would even suggest 'The Last Tommy' has run it's course.
Now going to The Somme for some Mil history!!!

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