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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Asclepios, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Basically, I've gotten myself into something of a sticky situation with my application(s). I initially expressed interest in joining the army as an officer, and went to see a careers advisor in York. I also went on a two-day visit to Sandhurst with other Sixth Formers. I've since wondered whether I would be likely to pass AOSB since I'm an 18 year old non-grad. I then emailed the careers advisor and told him that I wasn't sure it was for me and asked him to cancel my application. I still wanted to join the Army so made an application to join as a soldier. I've got my BARB booked for Tuesday, but my careers advisor has since asked me to reconsider, saying that he's like me to go on a PO visit with the Infantry on Salisbury Plain.
    My questions is, do many applicants under 20 get through AOSB? (there is no HRH before my name)
  2. Go for it. I passed at 18, why shouldn't you? If you want to get through Sandhurst and get a commission you have to believe in yourself. Take this as your first test.
  3. Go for it, I was commissioned at 19.
  4. I passed AOSB at 19, though I was at Uni.
  5. I passed when I was 16! It's worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is that you don't pass. You're not losing anything in trying.
  6. Give it a bash. You will always be wondering "what if" otherwise. Good luck.
  7. Did you pass AOSB or did you win an Army Scholarship? There´s a big difference.
  8. Go for it, the worst you can do is fail and you won't know till you have taken it, for heavens sake I got in at 18.
  9. As has been said what have you got to lose? If you pass then it's off to Sandhurst and good luck. If you don't get through then a career as a soldier is not a second class option and anything you do with the military including AOSB is a learning experience that will do you no harm at all. If you have been recommended to do AOSB someone believes that you've got what it takes.
  10. 19 Yr old 2nd Lt and pretty awful at it, but wouldn't change it for all the tea in China. No money, huge mess bills but what a learning experience. 22 years later and the good bits still outweigh the bad. Go for it fella or you'll always regret not trying!
  11. Bad CO

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    Similar experiences and couldn't agree more
  12. Not unless they changed the rules just for you, you didn't.

    Unless, of course, you are talking about some kind of Welbeck selection.
  13. I cancelled my BARB and soldier application today. Going to go for Officer. Anyone know any decent PO visits? I've been on the two day one to Sandhurst and I'm going on a three day infantry one in October. I'm interested in Infantry (any regiment), RAC, RA or Sigs. Thanks for all the help and advice, really appreciated.
  14. Try the loggies - PO's visits to Deepcut are a good crack and loggies provide quite a bit of variety. Your choice of cap badge will be made at RMAS, keep an open mind, you'll experience a bit more there to help inform your decision.
  15. You might be fine. You might not get through at first attempt but be asked to come back in 12 months. Or you might fail. They are looking for leadership potential - latent ability. But they would also want an element of maturity.

    If you are not already involved in any military activity like ACF/CCF or TA then get involved. It will give you military related knowledge and experience, inform you (to some extent at least) as to whether you feel you'd enjoy it and will broaden your horizons. Get on some familiarisation visits.

    Read the AOSB thread on this site.

    If I were you I wouldn't book an actual AOSB until you've had a look round. That will give you a better chance of success.

    Good luck. I hope you achieve your aims.