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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SavageByName, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. I am going to a fair this weekend on a recruitment drive. Oh the fun, I hear you say! I have looked at the recruiting toolbox and done a search etc, but I'm interested in the best ways to stop kids getting ice cream on my kit and how to get rid of the warry types.

    I'm hoping to actually tell people about us and try to recruit people, but I have never done one of these before and am bricking it at the thought of having no serious potential recruits.

    Anyone done many of these, got any tips on etiquette and how to deal with non starter types?

    I can't seem to get on a tour, but I guess this is front line action at its best for a (NC) regiment!
  2. men in uniform at any fair or similar only seem to attract children and people who can't join the military because of a medical reason! just be really boring and don't seem the sightest bit interested when they tell that an ak47 is better than your A2. i've done a few of these type events and you'll get 10 people who have no interest in joining TA for every 1 that does!
  3. Just smile and say"i'm really happy that you are so interested by the way is that your mother over there" :wink:
  4. Oh my goodness -- that brings back fond memories!!

    Recruiting at Weston Sewage Mare in the late 80's. Have on display the mighty cold war triplets ---- GMPG, SLR and SMG.

    Snotty nosed little beggar spends ages fiddling with the weapons [easy Tiger!] with quite attractive mum lurking in the background. Young Cpl Dave quite happy with this, and all the mental undressing that goes with the yummy mummy. Imagine my joy when said yummy mummy stomps over to little Johnny, who is about to undertake his TOETs [ask your Dad] on the SLR and snarls in my face "I don't usually let him play with GUNS!" Hmmm.... go figure!

    Second incident on Dave's watch was the elder brother who with evil intent, pulled back the working parts of the SMG, inserted little brothers fingers into the breech, and released the working parts. Ooh...that's gotta hurt.

    We had Crown Immunity in those days, so Cpl Dave didn't give a feck.

    Hope you have as much fun as I did!
  5. Hello Mucker! Hope all goes well with you at the moment, PM, e-mail or phone & we'll chat. :)
  6. Hello Mate! Hope you and Mrs BDS are keeping well! I'll drop you a line shortly pal.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    And the old and bold who want to tell you all about their national service...
  8. my bold

    - or the little swine that manages to take something to bits and you then spend ages grovelling looking for some B. spring that's gone "boing"
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Or the mad woman who fancies a man in uniform and won't go away...

    Why me?

  10. Or the two absolutely smashing old chaps who had "been there and seen it and done it", in other words the 100% genuine article: One DFC and Bar and an MC between them plus other bits and pieces, being constantly interrupted by some harridan who is trying to tell you that all conflicts are wrong
  11. Ha, there is no getting away from them. Take along the unit bore/coffin dodger/student and deploy as required. You can stand back and watch for the likely lads then. Or avoid the problem entirely, volunteer to wander around the town and hand out leaflets, "Yeah, I'll be back in thirty minutes - honest!".
    At the end of the day what are you trying to achieve? Find thirty new recruits fresh of the street, or keep yourselves in the publics 'in-tray', with the hope of attracting one or two would be recruits?

    Try and avoid students from the Middle East, we had a stand in Plymouth a few years ago, and two Kuwaiti lads came over and proceeded to strip down the array of AK's we'd acquired (?don't ask?) in lightening quick time, which we then spent the next thirty minutes trying to reassemble! Cheers for that!
  12. its a day out at a fete.
    once parked up next to a cider stall result half the platoon ko in the back from one two many free ciders :D .
    Hastings CND doing face painting for cash pissed off by free cam cream not sure the mummys were best pleased :twisted:.
    CND types throwing red painted dollys into the mock battle guess what ended up stuck to the 4 tonner :D
    best wind up ever somebody selling swp newspaper one of the cpls brought a copy.
    came back 10 mins later with a squad tooled up "your arguements have convinced us comrade lead us in the revoultion" :D
    blokes face went white with fear :D
  13. You will be approached by;

    - Foreigners - often African - mad keen to join ( as a short cut to a British Passport );
    - Kids, as mentioned:
    - Old Soldiers
    - Lunatics.