Cav Tpr stopped by RMP early hours, some where in BFG.
Tpr driving back to Bks, in the early hours of the morning. Been out with his German bird. Gave her a good seeing to, in his car, before dropping her at her home.
RMP patrol stop him. One cop friendly and relaxed, the other one officious little s@#t, asks to see Tprs license. Tpr knows he's got it in the car, but is struggling to find it. Eventualy finds it near the hand brake.
Officious s#$t is getting a bit agitated....
Tpr hands it over.... Officiious s@#t takes it and whilst reading it, starts rubbing his fingers around, on the licence... "Whats this on your licence?"
Tpr suddenly realises what it is, having S@#$%D his birds brains out, not 20 minutes earlier..!!!
"I've just dropped my girlfriend off." He said lamely....
RMP "What's that got to do with.......... (His colleague curls over in stitches and is having extream difficulty standing up, let alone being sensible).
Officious s@#t looks like he's about to chuck up and passes licence back to Tpr.
"Can I go now?" says Tpr
S@#T has rushed back to his vehicle. His colleague half straightens up and tells Tpr to P@#S off quick.....

This is a true story. Happened in MU@#$%R WE#$%&@*N early '80s.

Any one know who the monkey was, or had similar experience????
PS: I wasn't the Tpr.


Know of a staff car driver that trapped off with a female car driver during a long wait for there bosses. They got nasty in the blokes staff car. In heightened passion she gushed all over the passenger seat.

Driver had to apologise to his boss that he had spilt a bottle of water on the front seat and could the boss sit in the back.
Not a problem apart from the looks from the boss when he saw foot marks on the ceiling and kept asking if the driver was wearing a feminine perfume.

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