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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. How weak has society become where a few cross words are apparently "Appalling"

    Warning - This may make you cry.

    Our society is pathetic and I'm starting to get bored of people being "Offended" (Cry cry) by what was once called "Havings words."

    When will we give this nonsense a rest? Or should we all jump on the band wagon and call for everyone who has a disagreement to be sacked?
  2. But actually it IS appalling that this Underground Staff Member hurled abuse at an old man, and threatened to "sling him under a train". LU Staff (and any public service employee) are supposed to be courteous and helpful. This man was neither.

    If it was your Grandfather then you'd be appalled as well.
  3. The video doesn't show how or why the bust up started. did the "Little girl" kick it off or was the rail worker completely to blame.
    I would like to know all the facts before I jump on the outrage bus, (or tube).
  4. Why is it that people assume that because someone is old that they automatically become "cute" and "cuddly"? If someone's been a miserable tw@ all their life then what makes you think that come his 60th birthday he's suddenly going to become a lovely little old man.
    I have no idea what provoked the rail workers rather unseemly tirade but it would appear that he wanted the old man to come up to await the police, I assume that said old man had done something fairly severe to provoke that sort of reaction. The video has absolutely no context to it so it is hardly fair to make any sort of assumption about either the rail worker or the 'old man'.
  5. Did he threaten to sling him under a train though or did he just make a statement?

    Did we see the whole incident or only the tail end of it from one persons point of view?

    Another article I read on the issue stated that the camera man in this incident told his colleages "he will lose his job for this" and "She laughed and walked away in the assumption that we have no power."

    If he was oh so powerful and oh so outraged he should have done something about it then and there. Instead he was too weak and as such needed to regain his pride some how. I bet he spent the whole day grinding his teeth and imagining the knock out blow he would have delivered if he had grown a set and done something about this "appaling" behaviour.

    "jumped up little git" "Little Girl" - How did he survive this vicious verbal attack having been cut so deep with insults which would clearly outrage decency in a prison :roll:

    Our Camera Phone hero needs to dry his eyes.


    If it was my grandfather I'd be amased that they allowed Ghosts on Trains these days and probably ask him for that tenner he owes me.
  6. We are discussing something said by a man with a pony tail?
  7. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Here MiT, I'm 60 and I am not old!! Cheeky young sod.!
  8. Did the nasty pony tailed man(?) upset you KERCHING$$$$$$$$$$
  9. Actually,I am deeply offended by this story,and your terrrible comments.
    Can I sue someone please?
  10. My missus reckons some of the Oldies that she serves at work ( She is a drug dispenser for a well known pharmacy chain) are the rudest and impolite of all. So I think I would like to see the whole clip not the press edited highlights
  11. And a goatee, no less...
  12. You jest but its getting that bad. Innocent bystanders will be claiming compensation for this immoral outrage if this type of thing is not knocked on the head immediately.

    The company should say "If you don't like it, use the other London Under Ground."
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Actually, he went home and uploaded it all to his blog and subsequently either contacted, or was contacted by, the Daily Heil. I believe the full story is still posted on the blog (or the cameramans's account of the full story), the old boy had trapped his arm in the train door I think, from memory.

    That aside; the pony-tailed chap works in a customer facing environment, if he can't control his temper he should no longer work there.
  14. I'm naturally suspicious.

    The old boy caught his arm in the train door so the Underground Hippy wanted him to accompany him to the nearest Police Officer and refuse him access to the train. I also don't believe for a second that trapping your arm in a door makes anyone a "Jumped up little git." Mouthing off does!

    Like Transformers there is more to this one than meets the eye.
  15. Annie Mole's blog for Friday 16 October ( ) seems to have a good account of the incident. I haven't had a chance to listen to it with the sound up because I'm at work.