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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Do Officers still cut about Barracks with a swagger stick?
    I only ask because I haven't seen the inside of a barracks in a lonnng time, In my time everyone had a stick of one kind or another, the ord Corp/sgt carried one, the Provo Sgt was never seen without his, as with the RSM.
    A cavalry officer in training used to find it amusing to lightly whack me across the back of the head with his riding crop whenever a mistake was made sending morse (the tawt) I suppose H&S wouldn't let him do that today?
    I know it's a bone post.....but one feels the need to know.

    And you have to agree that carrying a stick did give you that extra bit of style.
  2. I got whaked ofer the head with a broken broom stick once.
    Dose that count ?
  3. Guards officers still do, but only in the role as Piquet Officer (Duty Rupert to normal people), usually caught mincing around the battalion area in a badly fitted No 2 dress with some oxygen-thief of a dog in tow. Probably handed down from generation to generation and once used to beat witless Guardsmen about the head at Waterloo.

    Also to be seen stood at ease with said stick behind their back in the Other Ranks cookhouse, gobbing off about how good the food is nowadays and occasionally pointing at some burnt baked beans and making some utterly pointless remark to the bored slop.
  4. What about piquet Corporal and Sergeant? Police Sergeant? Drill Sergeants?

    Or did CS 95 get rid of all that?
  5. I've never seen a Piquet Officer carrying a stick though I don't know what other battalions get up to. At my place the RP Sergeant, Piquet Corporal and Seargeant carry canes/sticks.

    Drill sergeants and CSMs carry canes on drill and in other certain orders of dress, though drill sergeants carry pace sticks more often.

    At one point the RSM wanted all members of the Cpls mess to have canes and all the Sgts mess have pace sticks.
  6. The RGJ duty screws used to cut about with a cane.
  7. Wow! On the last point, though most of us had our own canes in the early eighties.

    I've just rembered that our Police Sgts stick was always made from a cut down pool cue. There's always a historical reason, I'd love to know this one

    Pace Sticks always had the thumb screw head covered with a cut down 9mm shell case. Brazed on and shiny!!
  8. Piquet Cpls & Sgts in Guards Battalions still carry sticks as does the RP Sgt. I remember being promoted to L/Sgt many years ago & being told/ordered to purchase a pace-stick. It was expected of you to practice 'sticking' around the battalion area, much to the delight of the Drill Sgts who loved to pounce on unsuspecting newly promoted L/Sgts and avail them of their 'shocking pace sticking'.

    The only use for a pace-stick though was to beat recruits with it at depot. A gentle tap to the nadgers also worked wonders.
  9. Ah yes. A Bearded Coldstream Guards CQMS (of Caterham Company) smacked me around the back of the head at the Depot in 1978.
    How I laughed (While seeing stars- knocked me to my knees!)

    If I met the **** today I'd shoot him.
  10. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    You've got to feel sorry for all those divinely talented CSgts who endure the gruelling selection process for RMAS only to be lumbered with a bloody great piece of wood, just to let the Guards win the annual drill competition by a clear margin.

    Or is there another reason?
  11. Nahh!
    If they were divinely talented they'd have been in the Guards!
  12. Thankfully I ditched the pace-stick as soon as was humanly possible and concentrated on some proper soldiering.

    But I know some proper 'blue-red-blue' sex pests who would rather have been born with a pace-stick in place of a cock.
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    One Saturday morning at the RAC Training Regiment in 1975, our intake corporal had us for an hour or two's drill before he went off to play golf.

    "Fall in outside!"

    While we were doing so, he was practising his swing with his pace stick. Unfortunately, green woolly gloves were not appropriate and the stick flew unerringly through the staircase landing window.

    We all fell in and his first words were, "Is there a glazier in the squad?"

  14. Pace Sticks always had the thumb screw head covered with a cut down 9mm shell case. Brazed on and shiny!!

    I am still often adapting these, but normally for instructors at ATC(P) or RMAS.


  15. I think rattan canes went out of general use in the late 60's...

    I was issued one at Sandbags in the very early seventies, but only ever used it when attending medical appointments at the Cambridge Hospital (in No2s, brown shoes, leather belts & gloves...).

    There was one in my kit list for commissioning, but a note was sent round by the Corps Adj telling us not to bother..

    Never carried, or saw one used in anger since '72..