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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by onceasapper, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm either very brave or very foolish but......

    I'm a helpdesk manager working for MHS in Liverpool and the only ex squaddie there

    Hopefully the mods will make this a sticky but rather than you lot ranting off and calling MHS b******s all the time, I will answer any queries I can on line.

    Yes you can rant and rave and swear as much as you like but I'll ignore it, pop open a yellow handbag and have another beer. However, if you have something constructive to say, I will try and help you.

    I'm ex RE and was a pad over 13 years (some good and some really way down in the standard stakes - flats in Guillimont Fields in Farnborough (damp concrete walls) come to mind) and way way back in time I was a pads brat in Plymouth so will also be posting this on Rum Ration in time but lets start here. (Does the RAF have a similar site?)

    I'm not going to get into any slanging matches with you lot, wives or contractors but will pass constructive comments on and hopefully play a part in making the service better. I'll even answer some queries when I can.

    I won't be here everyday and will do this in my own time (I have a life outside of work and we don't have web access in work) so be patient with me
  2. I'm in 3Romeo and awaiting incoming!

    Enjoy big guy!

    PS Why did MHS send a central heating engineer to fix a simple dripping bath? (I would have fixed it myself but wasn't sure about warranty etc)
  3. Heating engineers deal with the hot water side of the contract and plumbers are dealing with cold water. Dripping tap should be a plumber tho' Without looking at your order, I can't be any more specific, sorry
  4. Helpdesk Tip

    If you have a problem that is waiting parts, please contact the helpdesk between 9 and 4:30 Mon - Fri

    Outside of these hours, the helpdesk staff are unable to provide you with the answers you are seeking as the supply chain (contractors) offices are closed.

    This will prevent any additional frustration for you when the agent tries to explain why they can't help you with the information you are seeking at that time
  5. Hello Mate, so you're up for this now aint ya - met your big boss last week, the little fella with the dark hair and glasses?...anyway, hope that you realise that you're gonna get a heap of sh'ite incomming...amongst some of the dumb phone calls you get while on the help desk

    ..but answer me this, if an pad or his missus ring ups and says 'the back of the drawer in my kitchen has fallen off' or 'the handle has fallen of my lounge door' why don't you just say, well, if this was your own, council or even privately rented gaff,you'd have to fix that yourself....can't trained killers do simple things like this? you ever bill the pads for calling people out for unneccesary jobs? you ever bill the pads for downright lying about the severity of a repair?..... oh, and J SHark, the schedulers should have ..ahem,'scheduled' a plumber to fix that tap not a heating engineer ....but then again the schedulers shouldn't send my guys out to a job where the fella complained of having low water pressure to his shower ..and when got there it was one of those rubber shower things that you stick on the end of your bath taps! ...'yes, mate, you do have low your feckin' brain!!.

    .......this is why the help desk need to ask the odd leading question, saves a lot of time and helps to stop my fellas thinking that most of the younger squaddies are a) one pimple away from being chavs b) really only joining up coz no other organisation would even consider employing 'em.. c) undercover taliban ..or d) shouldn't be allowed to have a quarter until they are substansive Cpls...(now that's an idea!)....

    .....a story(true) for a call on the works moblee from a scouse bird, let's call her Mrs gob s***, she was ranting about my guys not turning up to repair a fence panel, so,due to traffic..and dodgy hearing courtesy of SLR's, car bombs and untold rounds down the range..i missed a bit of what she said, so to me, she was a scouser from the help desk...told scouse bird to tell 'her' to calm down it's only 10 to 5 and my guys work til 5pm...she says 'Tell who?'...i says 'Her, you know, Mrs Gob s***'...THIS IS MRS GOB S****!.....i had to laugh!!... i then says 'Well, calm yourself down then'....she says 'What's your name?..i'm making a complaint'...more laughing from me...

    ..'Thomas Atkins' i replied...then quickly rang my fellas and said 'where the feck are you?...'er, just done that fence panel at number 57'..seems that while see was on the phone giving it the large, her old man had let the boys in via the back and they had done the job and fecked, did she ring to say 'Sorry for being a scouse t**t with a big gob, Mr Atkins?.....what do you reckon?.....

    final words, 'Waiting for parts' have to be ordered/made, glass has to be safety glass, this means a 5 day turnaround, showers have to be ordered - can't often buy them off the shelf cos the ones you have are usually obselete so new ones are often fitted

    ...and quite often, what you need for your gaff IS carried in our wagons but how many window handles do your brats manage to break??

    ..and just how many glass things get 'broken accidently'? in your quarters? after a night on the lash...

    ...try claiming on your house insurance for brokem things...get paid for the new 'thing' that we fit! ..what do you mean , you have no insurance??

    ..that's enough for now, if anyone was offended by my, Toughski shitski ....

    helpdesk tip...think before you speak to speke (did you like that?)...write down what you want to say,tell the helpdesk the type,make, colour, etc of whatever it is that needs repairing cos how many types of handles, cooker, showers, etc do you think there are?.. then ring, and maybe i'll get the right info..oh yeah, i'll try not to get excited about any potential slanging matches but hey, i'm game if you are.....
  6. Okay, a couple of suggestions (as I have had numerous problems with MHS, I am keen to see the service improve dramatically):

    1. Improve the training of the staff on the helpdesk and the processes that they operate. Often you report a fault with very specific details and they log the details incorrectly. How about emailing the customer with a copy of the job ticket that has been created? That way the customer could see almost immediately that the details were incorrect and call back to correct them. This would save the wrong contractor turning up for the job, or turning up and yellow carding the appointment (because no-one is in) even when the job does not require access to the property!

    2. How about creating an appeals process (above Customer complaints/service) that customers can ask to be referred to when their problems are still not being fixed, even by the complaints department? This way a senior-ish manager can review the case and fix the broken processes that caused it in the first place and get the customer's fault sorted.

    3. How about emailing (or texting) customers before their appointment so that they know that it has been correctly scheduled? That way several days before the appointment (or even 24hrs) the customer would know that a contractor has been scheduled and is therefore more likely to turn up. Currently we wait on the day of the appointment, call up and find out the job was never scheduled correctly!

    I have got several other suggestions to improve the service, but I'll wait to see if you can do anything with these first?
  7. We have already put a new training structure in to place including some technical training. I will pass on the email idea on Monday Would only work if it could be put into place effectively, at a justifiable cost and everyone read them. My last job was for a Major telecoms company that used email responses and the common response from customers was 'I never got your mail' but I will pass this on

    again I'll pass this on

    There are already fixes being put in to place to prevent this happening and I don't want to tread on anyones toes but again it's another idea I can pass on.

    Keep 'em coming mate.
  8. JJ I'll reply tomorrow

    Now I'm off into Liverpool for a great night out
  9. We have a button on the screen we can use to indicate if we 'suspect deliberate damage' we have been using it since day one (no you will not be able to close your front door if you kicked it off the frame last night) but I don't know if it's being actioned yet. As a tax payer I hope it is. Rubber hose shower thingy, I'll pass that one on If an operative has evidence of a deliberate lie eg occupant has stated they do not have an immersion when they have a boiler problem to have an emergency call out and they do. Then this should be reported to the helpdesk. Perhaps it could be passed on to the Families Officer as well. Tip no hot water in the house will not get you put in a hotel or rehoused as you will still have a means of heating water (kettle/cooker)

    Good idea to have as much information as possible to hand as it will make the job easier and the service better

    Right back to bed my heads still banging
  10. I take your point about the email issue. My point is really that the customers need an effective way to check that the correct job details have been recorded. How about putting the job details on a simple website (i.e. you type in your job number and it gives you the text of the fault details as recorded)? Either the email or the website idea would be quicker and cheaper than posting a confirmation letter to the customer and could be set up to work automatically with the fault reporting software.

    Another idea - explain to all customers how the complaints system works, in detail. I recently found out that reporting a complaint to the staff on option 3 is not logged as a complaint unless you specifically ask for a complaint number! Surely all calls to the complaints line should be recorded as a complaint? If not the customers will suspect that MHS is trying to 'spin' the figures to hide the truth.

    The Important Progress Information for Occupants always seems to be two or three weeks out of date. I appreciate that it probably takes a week to collate the information and prepare the report, but surely not two or three weeks? I would also like to see the report converting from management-speak to something nearer plain english - there seems to be an over emphasis on statistics. As everyone knows 87.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot!
  11. Your idea of a web portal may not work as we work on a restricted line interface We take security very seriously, all helpdesk staff are cleared to RESTRICTED and have to sign the official secrets act. We have no web access and all email is strictly controlled (only management have external mail through the MoD) so even posting on armynet (I have an account as a reservist) wouldn't work. Also EVERY call is recorded this is to protect the agents as much as the occupants. Calls are monitored and where mistakes are being made they are identified Also where occupants are threatening staff (Nice to know that my taxes are being used to train the occassional bully who will scream at a young girl violently enough to make her cry) it allows identification of those individuals

    There is a difference between an escalation and a complaint An escalation is where an occupant comes on and says 'I want to speak to a manager' a form is completed and passed to the team manager. We will then call the occupant back if we are busy or transfered to their phone if they are readily available (we can't take the call at the agents phone as this prevents the next occupant coming through and creates a queue - some occupants refuse to get off the phone and are partly to blame for the queues you can experience) Usually the manager can sort out the occupants problem preventing a formal complaint (90% could have been sorted by the agent but hey it's not as if I want to spend time developing my staff to provide a better service as I was employed to do) A complaint is logged on the system when the occupant identifies that they want to make a complaint. The call is transferred to a member of the customer services team who will log the complaint for investigation by the customer services back office team. All calls on option 3 are logged this way and the agent should provide the occupant with a ref No.

    I have nothing to do with the report but the stats are collected daily (we take great care in the accuracy of the stats as they are referred to daily by all the senior MHS/DE directors) I will pass the comment on as it may be something the webmaster could look into

    I'll pass on this to our communications director (Ex RE as well)

    Thanks for your comments
  12. Okay, that may be the way your system is configured currently, but there has got to be a way of making it work? As pointed out in my last post I believe that the real issue is "...that the customers need an effective way to check that the correct job details have been recorded." Otherwise the occupant may wait weeks for a repair only to discover that is was never recorded correctly - this has happened to me on several occasions.

    Two problems I have had with MHS regarding your statements above:

    1. I have been told by a call-centre operator that there was no way for them to transfer my call to the complaints department. They told me the only way was to ring off, call back and then press option 3. Has the system now been changed?

    2. I had spent many, many hours on the phone to the staff on option 3 before one of them told me that none of my complaints had been logged as such. He told me that the complaints team will try and resolve the problems so that they do not need to be recorded formally. This was then confirmed to me by another member of the complaints team. However, I suggested to her that a complaint could be both recorded and resolved without delaying the outcome. They only formally record the complaint and give you a reference number if you specifically request a complaint number - that is not clear when you call them! The only reason for this policy that I can think of is to artificially keep the complaints figures low?

    Thanks for your interest - I hope that you are able to influence the system to get some positive change. This would benefit both the occupants and those that work in the call-centre.
  14. From my notes I believe that the agent in question was 'Paul' on 25 May 06. I can send you the time of the call and even the job number if required, by PM.

    I have just found the new complaints letter here on the AFF website, at last there is someone to escalate problems to when the complaints department aren't resolving them! Interesting to see that they have now also published the email address for the first time I believe?
  15. Some members of the DE project team for this contract can access Works Manager via the DE / Internet connection.