Sticking lens cover- Canon PowerShot SX610HS


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Hi All,

I've got a problem with the above lens cover on my new Canon camera.

It's only a month old but suddenly the lens cover doesn't slide all of the way open, leaving black lines at both top and bottom unless you manually push the cover open.
It closes fine but only seems to stick when opening.

I've tried to take it back to the shop (Argos), but they don't stock this model anymore and the next model up from this is £70 more expensive.
I could get a refund, but then I've still got to go and find an alternative - it has to be wifi enabled as I use a camera pole and it needs to connect to my smart phone.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem and easily fixed, or do I just take it back and go shopping elsewhere?


War Hero
I did try but couldn't see anything obvious. There's an independent camera shop about 2 miles away, so may just run it down there tomorrow.
Thanks for the reply.
hold a powerful vacuum cleaner over it whilst opening and closing the cover several times
Cool wash, no spin cycle
Or if you really want to keep it, send it back to Canon UK or Thomas camera repairs in Tunbridge Wells with the receipt.
Either of these two will handle it as a warranty repair.
Knowing the industry I would send it back to Thomas Camera Repairs if it was mine!

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