Sticking it to ATOS and DWP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, May 16, 2013.

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  1. IMPORTANT: How to Gain Exemption from DWP/Atos ‘Fit for Work’ & WRAG decisions by Applying ESA Regulations 25 and 31 (as amended April 2013) | Black Triangle Campaign

    There is a thread on N and CA about one doctor in the news opposing ATOS.

    Rules 25 and 31 are the ones that can create cause of action against DWP through the courts. If being forced to work or forced to work related activity harms health.

    This group has a GP in support who has drawn up template reports for, and letters indemnifying, ATOS victims' own GPs. To pave the way to issuing damages claims against DWP. And as I wrote on another thread what is needed is for the no win no fee solicitor trade to latch on to these two rules and scare the shit out of Lord Fraud and IDS. Hundreds of thousands of personal damages claims in the court and all with solicitors billing at £170 per hour. Love to see it happen. If we are really all in it together let's all starve together eh IDS ?

    Another group "We are Spartacus" has won leave for Judicial Review re the new Personal Independence Payment assessment "Can you walk 20 metres" test.

    The Universal Credit pilots were reduced from three to one and that was simplified to migrate only the most straightforward cases.

    How has Lord Fraud conned us. Well by implying that all incapacity claims were long term ? Then when the usual turnover of shorter term claims disappeared naturally as new claims went to ESA claim that 995,000 people going off incapacity benefits is a success for the ATOS policy.

    IDS should have gone for benefits fraud. The savings would be immense. Except that the prison sentences would be too expensive ? So the moral coward went for an option offered by Lord Fraud. Nibble twenty quid a week off everyone on the sick.

    I know a lady who wrote to IDS if you want to stop 20 quid a week off my meagre benefits then just do it but sack ATOS and save yourself 300 million a year and save me the hassle of dealing with the amoral scum of ATOS.

    And to think I was a tory supporter up to Thatcher .....
  2. I'm getting fed-up of hearing about the scroungers. The more whining I hear i'm going to write thanking each Tory M.P.
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  3. And now, you're just a tedious twat!
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  4. So is BounceBanana trying to preserve the fit non employeds 'right' to benefits they are fraudulently claiming?
  5. Perhaps his tenants won't be able to keep up rent payments if benefits are stopped?
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  6. Aldi baby jacket potatoes in herby oil.

    Awesome, and shiny.

    Had them for tea, with brown, glistening, shiny sausages.......
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  7. Seems an awful lot of time effort and energy is expended coordinating these campaigns by those 'unfit' to expend time effort and energy?

  8. Have you tried the potatoes in cheese sauce? Very tasty.

  9. Superb. especially with pork chops and steamed broccoli......
  10. You are truly a man of taste. ;-)
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  11. I love broccoli.
  12. With hollandaise sauce....beautiful...
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  13. Quite. I use left over chicken wrap it in foil with broccoli, butter and either Brie or Stilton on top. Cooked in oven its pretty good.
  14. I'm deprived, there's no Aldi or Lidl near me. Just M&S (full of candidates for euthanasia) a past-its-sell-by-date Sainsburys and Morrisons - where i played the whinging old fart on Tuesday by complaining about a shelf sticker boasting they supported British farmers by buying complete crops - with not a single UK product within 8ft either side. At least there's local asparagus on sale - that's nice with hollandaise sauce or simply lashings of melted butter. What was the OP on about? Oh yes, I'm deprived, I demand deprivation allowance.