Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. at the request of GCO, we have pared down the number of stickies. this is in anticipation of the site being upgraded in coming weeks.

    gone are the stickies on corps sport (never updated), special duties and the pose & grovel. details from the official recruiting site have been cut & pasted into the regular recruiting thread and the OPMI - what's it like? thread. the removed threads have merely been "destickyfied" (technical term) and still exist as normal threads.

    any suggestions for stickies, please let one of us know.
  2. 1. Brevets on working dress
    2. Stable belt fastening options
    3. Single trade group: fact or fiction?
    4. REMF questions: angry young man or promotion cul-de-sac* ?

    * Hang on is there a challenger in the offing for CR=Ceiling Reached?
  3. Meanwhile, back in the realms of running a large website..... :roll:

    CR what are the proposed changes?
  4. don't know any detail, just an upgrade in presentation and smoother engine i believe. only seen one screenshot but it looks good.
  5. Could do with updating the TA recruitment thread. No mention of 5MI in there at all.
  6. i've done a basic edit. if there is different wording you wish to propose, stick it here and i'll do the update.
  7. what about "Unstuck" as a technical term.
  8. This is probably due to them being far too busy with their ferrets and whippets.