Stickies are assisting in the death of the NAAFI

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Nuff said!
  2. and comments like this are helping?
  3. Just looked, I'm amazed there is any space left for any other thread.

    It’s a good job that the mods are far more important than you and I and know far better than you and I what we actually want to read.

    Tell you what would be absolutely hilarious mods, and would have me laughing for days and days on end with the shear genius of it, make this one a "sticky" as well, just to show how all powerful and witty you really are.
  4. everyone has the perfect answer of course? the site can't be run just for one or 2 people.
  5. This was raised in MDN's thread trying to save the NAAFI. After it was discussed one of the Mods did get rid of some of the stickies, obviously not the same Mod that has made everything sticky now.

    Most of the stickies seem to be the really good threads. Should we have a "Best of NAAFI" area where all these threads congregate? I know we already have a thread with links to all these stories but it would seem that this is not what the Mods want.
  6. It is not about what the mod's want, it is about the site, i stickied them, i am not perfect,looks like so far i made a mistake in doing it, i can only try and do what as i see and hear what the users want.
    so i dont see a problem with this thread for putting down ideas.
    As long as its a worthwhile contribution that makes the site run better,and can be done without too much hassle as admin are not exactly on a good wage running the site, and changes are time consuming
  7. F*ck me I didn't know that the OIRA were attacking the NAAFI.
  8. I see why they were made sticky but it does mean that people tend to miss threads which could otherwise turn out to be really good.

    Would it be possible to increase the number of threads per page?

    That could be a compromise to please everyone.

    Edited to add: LMAO at the fact that a thread denouncing stickies has been made sticky, good work CC!
  9. Suggestion......................

    Why not have a thread within the NAAFI called 'The NAAFI Stickies', (See here.... ) that'd be one space on page one of the NAAFI forum listing, then moderate that and have all the links posted with in, much in the manner Cutaway has his listed. (Again see Cutaways posting within above link.) Then if people want to trace them they can, if they are deemed good enough for the Best of ARRSE they can be moved, deleted from the list, by the moderators and people can still find them easily.
    While I do agree page one is becoming one to avoid I really hate having to hunt for the good stuff at times.... :?

  10. On the same theme, as there now seems to be shedloads of space at the bottom of the homepage, would it be possible to show more than the last 10 posts? It's the easiest way to see what's new, whether in the Naafi or elsewhere, but at busy times posts can drop off the bottom within minutes, to spend the rest of their days buried in the depths of the AGC forum or suchlike.
  11. Also making it an area to point newbies to so they get the jist of what goes on, but they get the benefit of the Best of the Naafi.

    I think sometimes those not in the know don't quite get the 'easily offended dont enter' bit, they at least then get the benefit of how good/bad it is and can judge by those best posts whether they want to risk life and limb posting in the NAAFI.
  12. Not a NAAFI Mod as you all know, and I rarely post in here, so apologies to C_C, Flash et al, but could I suggest that the habitual NAAFI Regulars, as some of you profess to be (and are quite vocal in clamouring for change to boot) root through the archives and identify which threads you would like to see in a possible 'Best of the NAAFI' board?

    In this way, you will save the NAAFI Mods a great deal of work (they have lives too), and will also drag some of the real beauties out into the open for a good airing. It will also ensure that the board reflects what you want!
  13. How about a naafi stickies forum? One where only MOD's can add the threads, i.e. move them out of the naafi actual, and normal users can only add to the threads that the MOD's put in?

    That clears out the top of the real naafi, and gives a suitable area for all the good stuff, a sort of mini naafi with the same warnings on the door. I expect the MOD's would have to be very picky about what they put in (RTFQesque stories etc), the naafi would have to remain the breading ground for a decent read. Its not about re-inventing the naafi, just making it easier to use now the site is so popular.

  14. Really?! :lol:
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